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'Bright lights in the blogosphere'

Get used to it: I cannot comprehend what compels "journalists" to "compile" "lists." To each their own, I suppose, but the point you're missing is that you and others in the MSM are no longer the arbiters of what is and isn't important to people. And you never will be again. Get used to it.

-- Rusty

Good job, Andy: I didn't see where Andy billed this story as the definitive, encyclopedic piece on "social media" in Atlanta. It's just a story about local bloggers, and a funny, smart one at that. Nice work, Andy. You're not a dipshit reporter. I've known plenty of dipshit reporters. Some might say I used to be one, in fact. And you're no dipshit reporter.

-- Charles

Good link-bait: I'm sure this article will be one of the most blogged URLs in the coming week amongst local bloggers. Whether that's a good/bad thing or the intended result remains to be seen. I think you'll get more than your fair share of bitchy, for sure.

For my part, I think there's no way that any article could be exhaustive but this line:

"At its best, self-expressive blogging connects friends and family members who are either too busy, or too distant, to see each other as often as they'd like. Personal blogging brings strangers together in unexpected ways."

could have been augmented with links or mentions of some of the wonderful organizations/groups fueling these blogs.

APWBWGTTD/ and the GA Podcast Network spring to mind, but you've also got Flickr strolls and a ton of other social/community crossovers that are worth even a passing reference.

And community/commentary (specifically commenters) are what make the five sites picked tick.

Anyhow, I think this article works better as a blog post. It's got a high snark-to-information ratio and people are blogging/commenting.

Good job?

-- Seth

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