Responses to 'Movin' on down' and 'Alleged BMF member faces murder charges'

Movin' on down

oh well: So, what should we do? Is there a solution? Should we all move back to the suburbs?

-- Kyle

look at europe: I have a bit more optimism concerning Atlanta 20 years down the road. Europe's major cities have a concentration of wealth in the urban core like NYC does and they seem to function somehow. Dekalb will have access to the urban core via MARTA, but the other counties will institute Gypsy Vans that can carry 10+. Life will be very different for everybody... Rich, Poor, and in between.

-- David

quality of life: It seems pretty clear that whether or not we invest in a major public transportation system overhaul will determine the quality of life for people for the next fifty years or so. Without a real public transportation system, the outlying counties will clearly go broke, or come perilously close to it. Ironic that, having devoted so much effort to keeping themselves clean of the sullying influence of the city, the metro counties are now hurtling toward a position of complete dependency on the inner city.

-- Michael

Alleged BMF member faces murder charges

2 sides to every story? waiting for the other side...

-- sea

some things aren't as they look: Mara, You're giving BMF too much credit. This thing is bigger than you think. Larger than Meech, and really to be honest what do you have on Meech? Nothing. You have snitches making things up because all of the sudden their not gangsta enough to do the time, Meech never sold dope, nor did he ever get heard on phone conversations, nor did anyone other than Terry mention his name. Let the man go. The law states beyond a reasonable doubt. He just lived a life that others envy including the government. Why no indepth story of Jacob or the supplier? Be careful this is bigger than BMF, they are just the scape goats. State the facts and the truth.

-- The Truth

damn ya'll... ..you make it sound as though Mara was out there with the wiretaps and binoculars herself.

I've noticed something about Atlanta - People in this city are always so quick to shout "RACISM!" at every little teeny-tiny thing. This is about drug peddling and murder. Here's a crazy idea, one that I'll just throw out there - maybe people are more outraged that folks are dead and lives are destroyed than about whether the people in this article are African-Americans.

-- M


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