'BMF on trial' and 'Atlanta's 11 Least Influential People'

BMF on trial

All ballers Fall: @ some point these guys know it will all end bad. but once they get so deep they throw caution to the wind.

I wonder if the feds will go after the Men who sold the drugs to Bmf..if these cats ran a $250 mil drug ring..imagine what the mexican supplier was making...

– Jeezy

REAPING TIME: u know what people, everything comes to an end even life itself. No man is no better than the other, because if he was then he would b able to live 4ever. But because your heart is going to stop one day just like mine why all the hate? Everybody reap from whatever seed they sow. you cant sow lemon seeds and expect to reap apples. those people chose to live the life they lived so now it is time to reap. And 4 all u players that cant have a conversation without all of that vulgar language, u need to refer 2 a dictionary 2 some better adjectives. Ignorance is a strong hold, make it turn you a lose, choose a better language. HOLLAH

– Stone mountain

American Gangster showed you what happens to flashy dopemen: If Frank Lucas wouldn't have worn that coat, he never woulda gotten popped. If Meech wouldn't have been so loud and surrounded himself with stupid dudes, he might not be locked up. Although either way selling drugs to your own people and helping to destroy your community is nothing to praise, there's a smart way and a dumb way to do anything.

The real tragedy is all the members of the "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong" fan club who will shout out FREE BIG MEECH on message boards and T-Shirts, and take that mentality back to the ghetto to create more Meechs to fill the graveyards and prisons.

Why do so many of us worship and idolize dopemen but not doctors?

­– T From ATL

Caught Up: It's sad they caught up, even sadder that their own people are ratting them out. Get it, and get out.

– MG

Atlanta's 11 least influential people

CL, your measuring stick is too big: You folks are using a pretty big measuring stick. Bobbie Paul is a dedicated, hard working peace and justice activist. You are holding the wrong person accountable for ending this war. It's the Congress and administration.

– Juliana

Bobbie rocks: I agree, Juliana, Bobbie does amazing work. She is a coalition builder, and team player, who has worked herself and her group into a position of influence. Just because she hasn't ended the war doesn't mean we don't know where she stands on it, and has stood along with many of us since the buildup to the illegal, pre-emptive war.

Who besides the Women in Black in Athens and a few other groups around the state has stood stronger, louder, or taller against the murder that is the war? Bobbie Paul rocks.

– maddy

go along to get along? If everyone did just 1/100th of the work that Bobbie does, we would have a peaceful world, with no nuclear bombs, and no nuclear power plants. Bobbie is to be commended for her work with WAND and is showing that she cares, and has the courage of her convictions. Help her. Don't you care, or do you just go along to get along?

– Jeannine

Colony Square Vigils:

HONK! Bobbie is in good company with 75% of the population (she was just ahead of the curve). It's strange that a majority can't change direction in a democracy.

– Peter


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