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John is leaving the building

Sorry to see you leave. You are probably the best if not the only journalist in Atlanta. I may not always agree with you but at least I knew that you cared about what you wrote and I can respect that. Good luck with the think tank, maybe you can make a difference or at least have fun trying.

– Chris

John – I knew you in college; we worked together on the student paper at UF. Kicked a few butts back then, as I recall. You always marched to a different drummer, and it's great to see that this has not waned with the passage of time. Best of luck in your new venture!

– Carol

John, I have worked with you and know you as one of the least professional and least trustworthy journalists I have ever encountered. You are malicious, back-stabbing and hateful. That's just with your co-workers. When you are pretending to be a journalist, trust me, it is all pretense. I have never seen someone twist facts so boldly -- and deliberately. The day you stop reporting is a great day for journalism. You truly are an example of the worst kind of journalist, and what you have done over the years has caused the rest of us to suffer.

– Someone who knows better

Thanks for the emails I'm getting, and these comments, even the one from "Someone who knows better." It really is rewarding to piss off weasels like "Someone." Why? Well, cowering behind anonymity, he calls me "back-stabbing." Hmmm, a little hypocrisy there. I don't stab in the back. As a journalist, I've always found it much more rewarding, metaphorically speaking, to walk up to targets, look them in the eye and stab them in the chest. Maybe "Someone" will reveal his ID, and then we can weigh his comments, which among other things, cite no examples.

My reasons for retiring are part personal – hell, I'm over 60 – and part professional – I believe those of us who are passionate about public affairs need to explore new methods of engaging and changing our communities. I still march, as "Carol" (I'd hoped to see you at the Alligator reunion) says, to my own drummer. It's just that the cadence has changed a little.

– John Sugg

Tap water wears a bow tie when it's put in a bottle and sold

This is a very misleading article, typical journalism these days – just try to scare people. The beverage industry, especially Coca-Cola, is a global leader of public water conservation and getting potable water to those truly in need in places like Africa. Research the facts.

– Mike

There is another scourge associated with the bottled tap water craze: Plastic trash which floats and pollutes the rivers, shoreline and oceans. Every time I visit the shore (I live in the Tampa Bay area) I see dozens or even hundreds of these bottles floating. They collect in the mangrove roots and make natural areas look like dumps. Coke doesn't take any responsibility for this mess. If the price of pollution was factored into the equation, bottled water wouldn't be so profitable.

– David

Parcells screws the Falcons ... again

Parcells didn't screw anybody here. Blank essentially offered him managing control over a nice steaming pile of crap, and he first he said he'd think about it, and then he said no thanks. I don't see how his being offered a steaming pile of crap obligates him to accept it.

It would be nice if Falcons management now took all this mess behind closed doors. Don't make any statements, comments, news releases, etc. until someone is signed. The franchise is reeling badly, and making a further public spectacle of what is sure to be a painful search process isn't going to help

– nast

Just to be fair, nast, Parcells is the one who spoke to numerous media outlets saying that he would "probably" sign the deal with the Falcons. The team responded when Parcells jilted them. Given that he said he was likely coming publicly and then turned away, I think jilted is an accurate description.

I was excited at the prospect. But now he can rot in hell. I hope he catches syphilis, ignores it, goes blind and gets run over by a train.

– Mr. T

I am relieved that he is not coming to Atlanta. My dream is for the Falcons to flee the roost in Atlanta and move at least 75 miles away, so I may enjoy watching some quality teams play on television without the usual blackouts as a result of our home team. I cannot stand the Falcons! If only they could move to Valdosta or Bainbridge I would be oh so happy a man!

Parcells may have provided some hope to this organization, that I have watched in glee crumble over the past months.

Go Packers!

– Mr. Peepers


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