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Responses to 'Andisheh Nouraee's diary of a confused beige man'

I've not seen Why Did I Get Married? But it's something that I've been interested in... until I read a plot outline. It sounds like an updated, black version of Alan Alda and Carol Burnett's 1981 movie (written, directed, acted in by Alan Alda, can someone see a connection here?) The Four Seasons. It's about three couples who go on vacation once a week. Now, it covers four vacations instead of just one, but one couple is the successful pair (Alan Alda and Carol Burnett), one couple has the cheating husband and overweight, ditzy wife (they actually get divorced, and he starts bringing his mistress to the vacations), and the final couple's biggest issue is that he's a bit of a loser and she blames everything on her being Italian. I recognize that Tyler Perry's movie isn't exactly the same, but...Is Tyler Perry just ripping The Four Seasons off? And is he doing it with bad dialogue and under-developed characters aimed at a very limited audience?

– clasher

I think that you are right on with the point that it isn't about race so much as gender. My not quite 60 year old mother (a white woman who comes from a family living in Georgia since moving here during the time with North and South Carolina were still one) LOVES some Tyler Perry. If a Madea movie is about to drop she knows it before the actors involved in the project. She MAY see 5 movies at the theater in a year so she doesn't see just any movie. Also, she LOVES some Harlequin Romance Novels. I spent far too many hours as a child in used bookstores where romance novel fanatics trade in books on a weekly basis so as to maximize the amount of romance for the buck. My white mama is TOTALLY part of the target audience for Tyler Perry movies.

– lulabelle

I must say that I read this article because my initial response to the headline was, "duh - his movies aren't for you," and I enjoy being right. It's not strange to have a target audience. I don't understand Friends or George Clooney, but I have a good idea why. But as a Black female I don't enjoy TP movies either for all the reasons already posted - it's typical feel-good, high class Hollywood for a 'diverse' audience. But instead of hating, I'm waiting. I'm glad to see him doing well, because who knows, maybe he's building momentum so he can produce high budget challenging images of Black America. Let's just hope he starts developing his stories with as much passion as he develops his brand.

– fati diet

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