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Plus, a complete schedule of festval acts


SHANNON TANNER & ADAM WRIGHT (8 p.m., Smith's Olde Bar) Formerly fronting Heritage Cherry, Tanner and Wright play some of the finest Americana in town. From the looks of things, they appear to be the only country-type act playing Atlantis, which has shamefully ignored the local twang scene since its inception. If the city's biggest music conference doesn't even recognize your existence, what can you do? Well, like Tanner and Wright (and others) are about to do, you move to Nashville. (J. Kelly)

PEPPER'S GHOST (8:45 p.m., 9 Lives Saloon) Evoking a bygone generation of boisterous rock songsmanship, Pepper's Ghost seems a good fit for our current installment of the never-ending "return of rock." PG gives up classy two-part vocal harmonies and sugary bridges, delivered with a ripped T-shirt/duct-taped mic stand/wood-paneled basement sense of grit. 9 Lives Saloon (Hutchinson)

JET (9 p.m., Hard Rock Cafe) Atlanta five-piece Jet enjoys the enviable, catbird-seat position of not needing to play Atlantis. Serious major-label interest already swirls around its latest effort -- a fresh, solid, three-song demo, recorded with David Cobb of the Veins. Knowing what the group holds in its hot little hands, Jet exudes the easy confidence of the sought-after. They understand implicitly that they've got what you're about to want. (R. Kelly)

WILL HOGE (11 p.m., Cotton Club) Nashville native Will Hoge possesses an ear for meat-and-potatoes rock that mostly sidesteps the formulaic thanks to a self-effacing lyricism and the frequent guitar contributions of friend and former Georgia Satellite Dan Baird. Though hardly original, Hoge's über-basic approach recalls the better practitioners of the form (he's definitely more Tom Petty than, say, Bob Seger) evoking a bygone era when "rocking out" meant just that. (Robertson)

JAWZ OF LIFE (11:50 p.m., Apache Cafe) Decatur MC Jawz of Life's debut -- featuring T-Mo of Goodie Mob and Witchdoctor of the Dungeon Family -- rolls smooth on hard-hitting production. But it's Jawz's lyrical wit that flows most easily into the ear, filling heads with serious grooves and serious topics. (Ware)

FAITH KLEPPINGER (8:30 p.m., Gravity Pub)
Minor-key minstrel Faith Kleppinger's website ( bears a ludicrous list of all the singer/songwriters to which she's been compared. Nobody can quite nail down who Kleppinger sounds like, and that's a compliment. Her spare, clean guitar lines and mood-shifting vocals are distinct. And because she's got a day job writing CNN copy, it's no surprise to hear the intricate, word- loving lyrical twists that make her songs so appealing. (R. Kelly)

SKYLARKS (8:50 p.m., The Earl) Tonight marks the first show in more than a year from this often-overlooked trio, on hiatus due to the birth of singer/guitarist Mike Hunter and drummer/poet Megan Sexton's first child. Jim Johnson plays bass for the scrappy little combo, which owes as much to T. Rex as to any Americana icon. Rock 'n' roll with so little pretense you'll swear it's the real thing. (Smith)

DRUMS & EFFECTS (9:45 p.m., Echo Lounge) Combining drums & effects & a hell of a lot of other stuff, DF/X crunch like party mix. Their songs -- self-produced and self-released -- are a burst of flavors, mixing bouncy breaks, big beats, buzzy guitars, burping synths with a playful flare. These 24-channel madmen with itchy MIDI trigger fingers know how to get a party rolling. (Ware)

DOMINICANS IN CONTROL (11:45 p.m., Echo Lounge) After Princess Superstar's IG cancellation, Dominicans In Control have been called in to fill the gap. D.I.C. features the three-pronged assault of siblings Christy "M.C. Dom. Rep." and Brian "Babydaddy" Montero (former Subsonics and DQE, respectively) along with Ben "P.C.P. Nightranger" Arnold (Husky). Babydaddy's bombastic beats and Dom. Rep.'s "surrealist free-form" rhymes recall everything from Afrika Bambaataa to Trans Am, while Arnold keeps the crowd at bay with fake firearms and fancy footwork. (Radford)

JJASON BLACKWELL (12:15 a.m., Echo Lounge) Though saddled with a name that says "solo act," the core of this six-piece hip-hop/soul collective consists of multi-instrumentalist Lionell Andrews and rotating crew of vocalists. And while billed as a collective of musicians, poets and visual artists, the result is a lot less pretentious. It's organic and smooth, with flows closer to spoken-word than rap. And it's as muddied by Georgia's clay as OutKast -- except with a college degree. (Sarig)

SLOWEARTH (9 p.m., Masquerade)
Proving you can have it both ways, slowEarth combines the requisite groaning melodrama that the post-grunge kids seem to love with some truly interesting sounds and melodies, informed by new wave, electronica and industrial. For an A&R guy willing to take a risk -- but not too big a risk -- slowEarth may be the ones to watch. (Sarig)


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