Crossdressing 101 

Just in time for Halloween!

You can't just toss on a wig and say you're in drag. CL spoke with two of Atlanta's most popular drag queens and kings to get their tips on how you should minimize your mammaries, conceal your cobra, and fake a handlebar.


FOUNDATIONS Get full-coverage foundation makeup from a costume shop to "give yourself a good canvas" that should last through the night, says Gigi Monroe, a drag queen who regularly performs at Blake's and Jungle. Shave immediately before you head out for the evening, but if you're still showing stubble, visit a dimly lit bar. "Eyebrow sealer" can help cover up bushy boy eyebrows. Use baby oil and baby wipes to remove makeup.

HAVE A GAFF Amateurs shouldn't attempt to duct-tape the penis, Monroe says. Especially not if they plan to imbibe throughout the night (untaping and retaping to use the bathroom is dangerous). "That's not gonna make your night enjoyable," she says. Use a gaff, also called a cache-sexe. Thick pantyhose made for entertainers will also help.

MAKE SOME MAMMARIES Don't spend as much as $50 on fake breasts. Here's a homemade solution that professionals use: Fill pantyhose with oatmeal or birdseed, tie a knot at the top and stick 'em in your bra.

GET COMFORTABLE "If you look uncomfortable, that ruins everything else you're trying to do," Monroe says. "You can't just look like a girl. You have to act like a girl, move like a girl, talk like a girl." Make sure your fabric stretches and doesn't constrict you. And use the ladies' room.


BIND YOUR BUST First-time crossdressers' biggest mistake: not binding their breasts. Award-winning drag king Owen McCord says professional options are available, but amateurs can use plastic wrap or Ace bandages to conceal what the good Lord gave 'em. Use duct tape as a last resort. "The less abrasive, the better," he says. "You'll miss having a nipple."

MAKEUP AND FUZZ McCord uses a foundation to even out his skin tone. Mascara can give the illusion of eyebrows, which are typically thicker on men. If you're looking for a challenge, apply skin-matching eyeshadow in the center of your neck and brush outward to fake an Adam's apple.

GET THE RIGHT FIT McCord says men's blazers work best for a woman's frame because they help mask what binding can't. Make sure they fit appropriately in the shoulders. Layering is your friend.

THE PACKAGE "You've gotta have a piece," McCord says, referring to false cock and balls. "Otherwise, what's the point?" Adult novelty stores sell 3- to 4-inch "packing dildos," replete with testicles. Or you can just ball up an athletic sock, pad it with toilet paper, and stuff it into a pair of briefs or a jock strap. "Once you put that thing in your pants, it helps. It's like a policeman with a gun. All of a sudden you think you rule the world. Once you get into the character and the illusion, then everything comes naturally."


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