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THE DRIVEWAY: Both Gucci Mane's former attorney, Dennis Scheib, and his current one, Ash Joshi, told CL that a neighbor on Springside Run -- a man who owned the rental house where the stripper lived -- saw the men walking up the driveway. "I hired an investigator, and the investigator found this one man who was cutting some hedges," Scheib told CL. "And he sees [the men] pull up in a van, get out, rush in the door. And he hears somebody yell or something, and they have a struggle in there. And he hears a shot, and he sees them come out. I brought him to the DA's office, and he made a statement." According to Joshi: "I know the gentleman who called the police was very forthcoming. He lives next door but also owns the house where this occurred."

MEETING FOXY: The website was the first to report the Gucci-Foxy meeting. Gucci's attorneys, Scheib and Joshi, confirmed the meeting to CL. "One of the things that I believe he was interested in was having her take one of his CDs to whatever strip joint it was," Joshi said. "He was in large part interested in getting that in her hands. Apparently, they (strippers) can request music when they're on the main stage."

JEEZY AND "ICY": A) Gucci's attorney, Joshi, told CL that the two rappers and their labels were fighting over the rights to "Icy": "Personalities got involved," he said. "It escalated to more, but this was at its heart a financial dispute which has resolved itself." B) Gucci described the history of "Icy" in the July 2005 interview: "[I] had a song I [sic] written on called, 'Icy,' so I brought it to [Jeezy]. ... I kept on with the song like, 'Let's work on this song right here, it would be tight.' So I paid Jeezy to get on the song, paid [one of his associates] to get on the song and than [sic] after that, it just turned into a big hit." C) Neither Jeezy's publicist, Island Def Jam's Gabriel Tesoreiro, nor his attorney, Janice Singer, returned CL's phone calls.

THE INVASION: Gucci's former attorney, Scheib, told CL that the men who came to the house had weapons. "One of them hit [Gucci] in the head. It was something wrapped up. He thought it was brass knuckles. They came in with duct tape, too. ... They pulled out a gun, and they had tape. And they pointed a weapon either at him or his friend, and he just wasn't going to wait until they started shooting." When asked about the alleged intruders' weapons, Gucci's current attorney, Joshi, replied, "Certainly brass knuckles. Certainly guns ... and some drawn."

POOKIE'S RUN: Gucci's former attorney, Scheib, says of the five men: "They came in and out. They were really quick." According to his current attorney, Joshi: "The neighbor reported a home invasion. So the police were en route. They passed the guy who was shot. But he ran into some woods in an effort to hide from police. He was by himself at that point." Regarding the lyrics, the third member of Loccish Lifestyle told CL that they aren't as eerie as they might seem to an outsider. "I could go through some stuff now and probably find [lyrics] a little stranger than that right there," says Carlos "Low Down" Rhodes.

THE DEAL WITH CTE: Low Down described Jeezy's offer during an interview with CL. Low Down said in reference to Jeezy, "He was saying we was the best thing around here, so he was going to go ahead and jump on it before all the other people get a chance." Loccish Lifestyle's manager, Tarence Bivins, told CL, "It was known around here that they was supposedly looking at us. We had a little buzz going locally, in the Middle Georgia area. But me speaking from a manager standpoint, they never just said, 'We're going to meet ... you on whatever-whatever day.'"

FINDING POOKIE: A DeKalb County Police incident report dated May 13, 2005, describes how police got a call from a Columbia Middle School resource officer who "advised that she was notified by 4 black males that their friend identified as Mr. Henry Lee Clark was in the wood line dead." It said the resource officer "took [the DeKalb Police officer] into the wood line where I observed a black male dressed in all black, with a white Braves cap lying next to his body. The body appeared to be stiff, and had flies on it." Police interviewed one of the four witnesses, Shannon Lundy, who said that "they were staying at the Marriott Courtyard downtown when Mr. Clark went missing." According to the report, "He further advised that while at a video shoot in the West End he heard about a shooting on Springside Run. Mr. Lundy stated that Mr. Clark knew a [sic] unknown female who lives at ... Springside Run. Mr. Lundy further advised that they just came to the area and started looking through the wood line and discovered the body." The report also lists Demetrius Ellerbee as both a witness and complainant.

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