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Deluxe deceptions 

A 29-year-old man called police and said a homeless guy broke into his home in Peachtree Hills and started taking a shower. When an officer arrived, the homeless man was still in the shower. The 29-year-old man said he had no idea who the homeless guy was or how he got into the apartment. The officer asked the homeless man to get out of the shower and demanded an explanation. The homeless man said that earlier, he missed his train at the nearby Lindbergh MARTA station. While he was sitting on an outdoor bench, the 29-year-old man approached him and asked, "What's up?" The homeless man said they chatted and the 29-year-old man offered to let him shower at his apartment. The homeless man agreed and followed him there. Once inside the apartment, the homeless man put his beer in the freezer, went to bathroom, and found some crack cocaine sitting on the sink — which he claimed the 29-year-old man offered to let him to smoke.

While the officer interviewed the homeless man in the bathroom, the 29-year-old went berserk, knocking on the door, yelling, pacing, and talking to imaginary people.

The officer left the bathroom and, suddenly, the 29-year-old man changed his story. Yes, he admitted, he did invite the homeless man to shower at his home, but he got scared during the crack discussion and called police. "We were unable to determine what events truly took place so we released both males," the officer wrote. No arrests. Who's telling the truth — no clue.

Piggyback surprise

In Downtown Atlanta, an officer reported a bizarre encounter with a "known repeat offender of monetary solicitation." (Translation: a street beggar.) Outside a fancy bank building, the beggar allegedly asked a pedestrian for a donation, so the officer confronted him. "At first, he was cooperative," the officer wrote. Then he became antsy during arrest.

"When I reached to grab him, he was able to grab me first in a 'bear hug' style, pinning my arms by my side," the officer noted. "While my arms were pinned, I was able to manipulate my OC spray holster to remove the canister." The suspect threw him to the ground and "instead of making an attempt to run away, he got on top of me from behind," the officer wrote. "At this time I was concerned for my life because it was obvious that [the suspect] was not trying to escape, and I discharged my canister of spray behind my head, where I reasonably believed his face to be." Apparently, the officer missed and accidently pepper-sprayed another guy. Backup officers quickly arrived. "I felt [the suspect] forcibly removed from my back, where he was clinging so tight he scraped my neck when he was pulled off." The suspect, a 52-year-old man, said he tried to fight the police because he was high on drugs.

Trouble in the mosh pit

Mayhem broke out in a mosh pit at Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood ... or did it? At a heavy-metal bonanza, a guy said he was in the mosh pit, "simply jumping around with his friends not causing harm to anyone when he was tackled from behind by two security guards," an officer wrote. The man said he did not do anything to provoke the guards, plus he definitely was not intoxicated. (The man is 38 year old — a bit on the elder side for mosh pit hijinks.) He said the two guards escorted him to a secret back "waiting room." He asked the guards for their names but they refused to provide them. After a few minutes, he said the guards then ejected him from the venue for the rest of the concert. The next day, the man was still so pissed he decided to call the police.

An officer went to Aaron's Amphitheatre to sort it out. Two security guards said the man was ejected because he was very drunk and he assaulted a guard for no reason. However, the assaulted security guard did not want to press charges.

Idiot du jour

In Virginia-Highland, a man was expecting his godson to come over but he never showed up. The man decided to leave town for a day trip and left his front door unlocked in case the godson arrived. The next evening, the man returned to his home on Lanier Boulevard and realized he'd been robbed. The following items, totaling several thousand dollars, were missing from his posh Va-Hi home: two rings, a watch, a sterling silver coffee carafe, a silver sugar bowl, a silver tea carafe, and a silver creamer.

Baby imposter

During rush-hour traffic, a man was pushing a stroller down Northside Drive — with no baby inside. Instead, an air-conditioning unit was snuggled in the stroller along with blankets. The clunky sight caught the police's attention. The man claimed he found the air-conditioner in the trash outside a pizza restaurant on Hemphill Avenue. An officer ran a computer check on the guy: Turns out, he's wanted for stealing in Cobb County. He went to jail.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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