Does Britney Spears rock? 

Yes. I saw her one time before on Star Search and now to see her upgrade from Star Search into an actual superstar, it's good for everybody to see that dreams can come true. If you work hard at it, Britney's living proof that dreams can come true. She's very talented. A lot of people are jealous of her success. She has somewhat of this attitude of, 'well I don't see what the problem is of what I wear or how I act, that's just who I am.' She's not out there to please her critics. She's there to support her fans and have her fans support her and I'm a fan.

With the amount she's showing on the Disney channel, I feel like it's getting too sexual for children. My niece doesn't get to watch her anymore. I don't think a 6-year-old little girl needs to see her in that cut-down-low Elvis thing with her boobs about to fall out doing her 'I'm a slave stuff to you.' My niece is a little on the heavy side already and she's aware of it and I don't want her watching Britney Spears all sleek and think this is what she's supposed to look like when she's already having a problem with her weight. It's too trashy.

She's very creative and not afraid of what anyone else thinks. She's very sexy, she knows it and uses it to her advantage. As talented as she is and at the age that she is, she just goes for it. She has no fear. She has an aura of being sexy and being intelligent. It's all good and she's a very talented dancer. She seems to connect with everyone because she looks like she has a really good personality. But anyone that can move their body like that can not be a virgin.



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