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Garth Johnson 

When he's not examining the crossover between conceptual art, kitsch and craft on his websites, and, artist Garth Johnson is making souped-up meta-kitsch of his own. Johnson's playful, conceptual spin on both high-brow European porcelain and low-brow collectibles will be featured in a show of his blinged-out appropriated eBay plates and "Pop Rococo" teapots at Buckhead's swanky Spalding Nix Fine Art ( Dec. 1-4.

Working in porcelain is kind of girly, and yet some of your porcelain plates also feature imagery from that guy-favorite "Star Trek."

Collectors' plates are an entirely different world, a miniature stock market of people buying and selling these knickknacks that are an affordable pop culture souvenir of something that appeals to them personally. There are millions of men that would buy a NASCAR or Star Wars plate that would never set foot in an art gallery.

Do you ever feel guilty about depriving little old ladies of the missing Norman Rockwell plate in their collection?

Every once in a while, I'll get an e-mail from a little old lady who wants to know how much her Care Bears plate is worth. I can't bear to tell her that there are millions of her plate circulating in the thrift stores of North Georgia. I'm actually making the old lady's plate a tiny bit more valuable when I take her plate out of circulation. Alan Greenspan would be proud.

Are you making a commentary on class in your work?

Class is deliciously mixed up in the year 2005. "High" culture and fashion gleefully goes on low-culture panty-raids for inspiration -- can you say foam trucker hat? In the meantime, pay a visit to IKEA and you'll see people from Cumming filling their F-150's with Swedish particle board furniture.

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