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A tail wag for CL
A standing ovation to Creative Loafing's superb job in describing the animal experimentation at Emory ("Follow the Nice Man in the Lab Coat, Fido," Oct. 7). This is the best and bravest article of its kind I've ever seen. In a town where Emory is king, such honesty in the media is rare, indeed!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

-- Louise Stewart, Norcross

Mad docs at Emory
The article on medical animal abuse at Emory ("Follow the Nice Man in the Lab Coat, Fido," Oct. 7) makes a neat little analogy to Nazi Germany, you have mad doctors conducting useless, cruel, experiments on the weak and defenseless and everyone goes about their daily life just looking the other way, going out for pizza.

So if you ever have that notion where you picture yourself in Nazi Germany and ask, what would I do if you were a German at that time, now you know the answer, nothing at all! Or in the case of those alumni who donate to the college then the answer is worse than nothing since the bottom line of every college is how many donations it can gather. Only the donors can clean up the mess.

-- Johnny Plunkett, Smyrna

Hard to swallow
After reading both sides of the Oct. 7 Flip Side argument, "Is It Wise to Permit U.S. sales of RU-486 (the Abortion Pill)?" I would have to commend Chris Renaldo on his defense of his argument. As a woman, Tina Trent seemed a little shallow in her explanations and extremely vague. She seemed to address the qualms of anti-abortionists and their statements rather than the larger issue at hand. What has been overlooked is the fact that this pill, making at home abortions easier to have also makes them easier to hide. This problem will rest heavily on the shoulders of the parents of pregnant teenagers who have taken this procedure into their own hands and could not afford to pay for follow-up visits to the gynecologist, or simply wont for fear their secret will be discovered. If, and when something does go wrong, the supporters of RU-486 will quickly turn into opposers and plaintiffs in a court of law. In addition, RU-486 creates a false image of protection. Abortions are not a birth control method and we must not convey this message to young ladies. Our bodies are important and we cannot simply hand them over to a board of directors with claims that in the future everything will be OK.

--Cherise Harlan, Chamblee

RU right?
Chris Renaldo ultimately did a better job of explaining just why RU-486 should be legal for sale in the U.S. (Flip Side, "Is It Wise to Permit U.S. sales of RU-486 (the Abortion Pill)?" Oct. 7) His argument that abortion is conceptually no different than genocide, homicide or suicide is questionable. His statements, "unwanted lives are snuffed out ... women can rid themselves of unwanted pregnancies ... " through abortion, which he describes as "cowardly and shortsighted" are the very reasons that I do support a woman's right to choose.

The last person who should be given this "most precious gift" -- a child -- is someone who doesn't want it. After more than 20 years of working at Grady Hospital, I've seen and heard the consequences of these ill planned and unwanted pregnancies.

But hell, what difference does it really make what the two of us think. We're both men. Neither of us will ever have to deal with the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy in our bodies.

-- Lloyd Herrington, Atlanta

Useless suffering
I wanted to thank you so very much for writing the article on the horrific animal research that occurs at Emory. I read "Follow the Nice Man in the Lab Coat, Fido," (Oct. 7) and cannot believe the torture and abuse that goes on in animal research. I am not an "animal rights fanatic" or a member of PETA, but I love animals so very much, and believe that more people like me need to learn about stories such as this one. It is a shame that so many scientists, physicians, the common man, etc., do not agree that animal research is inhumane and downright cruel, not to mention so often useless.

I was sickened to learn what I did, and I will do whatever I can to promote awareness and prevent further research.

Thank you to Creative Loafing and to the university's paper for publishing this astonishing, and, unfortunately, realistic news.

-- Alexandra Welch, Duluth

Blowing smoke
Why do people feel the need to constantly fuck with smokers ("A Little Incentive to Stop Smoking," Oct. 7)? We know it's bad for us, why can't you just let us smoke in peace? Now they want to ban smoking in all Atlanta area restaurants! That's fucking bullshit! Where is our freedom? Did I wake up in Nazi Germany this morning?

Americans have basic freedoms: If my freedom to smoke when I go out and eat is taken away I'm going to start going up to cute little babies and blowing smoke in their faces.

Let me kill myself in peace! I'm not hurting anybody but myself (and cute babies if need be). Bill Campbell is bribing the restaurants by offering them a 20% cut on their business licenses. Last time I checked, it was illegal to bribe people.

These anti-smoking people make me sick. Do smokers go around telling non-smokers to start smoking? No. Nobody has the right to tell me or anyone to quit smoking. I smoke purely for spite. I love to piss off those self-righteous bitches that think they're better than us because they don't smoke.

An equal rights movement must be started for smokers. A smoking prohibition must never happen. All American people have rights. Gay people have rights, rednecks have rights, black people have rights. Shit, even animals have more rights than smokers.

-- Tim Hicks, Atlanta

P.S. I am not really going to blow smoke at babies.


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