Going Postal 

The wonder of it all
There was a guy named Herostratus who burned down the Temple of Diana at Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancients World. He did it so his name would be remembed throughout history.

That is the apparent psychology behind the firing of Michael Skube (Don't Quote Me, "Skube-doo, Where Are You?" Oct. 21), and the AJC's reputation is now headed in the same direction as Herostratus': straight down the Kohler trapway.

-- James J. Sieger, Roswell

Kids these days
What does a 12-year-old kid know about politics? Today, absolutely nothing. Thank god little kids today run toward sex or PlayStation2 (which by the way is great and I'm 78!).

But in 1934 when I was 12, we had to be involved. FDR was president, and since 1929, we had been literally starving. You don't remember that, but we were. In 1932, both my 10-year-old cousins disappeared into the hobo camps on the railsides. Hundreds and thousands of children were on the lam. In Southern cities like Tampa and Atlanta, there was a daily starvation tally.

FDR was rich and well-connected, but he was the government. His federal programs saved our lives, not his.

I still vote. So don't talk to me about how evil government is. It's really all we've got. It's the only safety net. Government can be cleansed. It can be made responsive.

In 1934, this country was ripe for a Communist revolution. Without FDR and so-called big government, it would have come.

So, don't let Bush and the suburbanites bleat on and on about the joys of capitalist-led paradise. We've been there before. These SUVs are going to be permanently parked by the roadside one day. We need government intervention. When I get depressed, I think of 1934, and that cures me.

-- Jon Grantly, Fayetteville

Scary stuff
Loved Greg Land's "Election Ever Fright Stories" (Oct. 28) story. Only decently funny one of the bunch. But I think you differentiate too much between Gorezilla and Bush Inc. To me, they resemble two automatons whose manners and thought (and let's face it, pedigree as well) are so similar they can only be distinguished by generic political designations. I call it "Bush or Gore," more succinctly known as BorG.

Their outward surfaces remind one of another Star Trek reference, the old episode where Frank Gorshin is at war with his mirror image, and the fact that the black is on the wrong side of the face makes all of the difference.

But their internal matrices function exactly alike -- dominated by the need to control; and no action is too unethical, no tactic too divisive, no amount of suffering by others too great if undertaken with control as its' ultimate objective. They have offered privileged status to their drones in the form of subsidies, quotas, and caste (i.e. hate crime) laws; bombed innocent people to coerce them into overthrowing their leaders; fired missiles to protect themselves from embarrassing political developments; and destroyed millions of lives to pursue a "war" against putting substances into one's own body.

Their need to control demands vast resources, which they consume with a rapacity that would shame a swarm of locusts. They have typically chosen the most fruitful fields as their feeding grounds, such as our healers, our technology base, and our energy sources. The BorG have infiltrated our education system and strangle our communication networks, deciding who gets to be heard by the masses.

If you are someone who dares to wear an unauthorized political designation, you are escorted away from the public sensor scans and left in the dark. They confiscate property on the flimsiest of pretexts, and with lip service to the term "due process". They prosecute thousands of others with secret evidence, in violation of their own directives.

Many outside the BorG sphere of influence have decided resistance is futile and will cast their lot with "the lesser of two evils", or stop voting altogether. Others, driven either by conscience, enlightened self-interest, or just plain rage, will continue the fight until either the BorG or the Republic is dead.

-- Ken Parmalee, Morrow

parlez-vous propaganda?
This is for Thomas A. Jones in reference to "The coming stormtroopers" ("Election Ever Fright Stories," Oct. 28):

Jones, I don't know who you are, but you are profoundly stupid. You say you feel like a Jewish person in Nazi Germany, I dare say you have no inclination of what real persecution feels like. To link Nazi Germany to your petty rhetoric, just illustrates what an absolute imbecile you are. You throw words around at random, without the slightest idea of what you are talking about. You demonstrate your own ignorance with every sentence you write. You are a fool, and you have pronounced it to the world. The thing that is truly the most pathetic about your sopohmoric rant is that you are so blinded by your indoctrinated views, you think the Nazis were right-wing. Here's a news flash for you pal, the Nazis were the socialist party.

You should heed your own warning, you are describing yourself. Your narrowminded, intolerant views are exactly what you think you are fighting against. The problem is with everyone but you. All whites are racist, all Republicans bigots. I doubt you can even define racist, and your grasp of history is feeble. I know you go thru life thinking everyone owes you something, you've been held back by the white man. You walk around with a chip on your shoulder spewing the racist comments you accuse others of preaching.

You should panic, you you should turn up the rhetoric, because soon people are going to see thru all the inflammatory crap you espouse. Folks are going to wise up and realize that the road you people have been leading them down is a lie and they are jumping off in droves. People know the government is the real ball and chain; the Democratic plantation is burning down around you, and you are scared. You wasted all your time and soon there is not going to be much of a living in complaining.

People are getting sick of those like you, who use lies and propaganda to scare people. People know the way to prosperity is thru hardwork, and the work is out there for those that want it. People like you on the Democratic plantation are going to be passed by, waiting on some empty promise from some politician who can't even remember your name, laughing at how gullible you were, and how easy it was to use you for his own benefit. You are a fool. If it were 1932 and this was Germany, you would be in the front row, saluting Hitler.

-- Les Dell, Atlanta

Daft indeed
As usual, Luke Boggs ("Daft's Diversity Drive," Oct. 28) is absolutely right. Coke has taken that first step down the "slippery slope". Its like caving in to the school yard bully when he first demands your lunch money. Pretty soon, all of his sleazebag buddies are hitting you up as well.

-- Fred Gates, Atlanta

The scrawl on the wall
Thank you Scrawls for the Oct. 28 cartoon. The "looming" teacher shortage is no longer anticipated. It's here! The teacher shortage is the result of three converging factors: an aging and retiring staff, a rapidly growing student population, and a supply diminished by poor pay and even poorer working conditions.

The answer can be found in respect. We must respect our children enough to provide them with caring, qualified teachers attracted to a quality profession. We simply must have a revolution in the way teachers are compensated and treated in our schools. A 10 percent raise would be a good starting point. Follow that with improved working conditions, more supplies, additional parapros, reduced nonteaching duties, and real input into the way schools are run. All teachers must unite behind a Save Our Profession agenda. Before teaching becomes a patchwork of temps, retirees, missionaries, and those on their way to graduate school in another field. Start the revolution.

-- Ralph Noble,

President, Georgia Association of Educators


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