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Going Postal 

Me, my cheese and I
At my age, I guess I qualify as a curmudgeon, and an additional qualification to support this letter is that I went through the rigors, albeit a long time ago, of working toward and receiving a degree in journalism. Therefore, I blink in disbelief whenever I read (or hear on radio or TV) the abuse of English grammar coming from the pen of a columnist or a radio/ TV personality.

And so it was when I read Andisheh Nouraee's piece (Scene & Herd, "Cheese and crackers," Nov. 14). In his item titled "Sweet River Tavern," his first sentence ends with, "banter broke out between my friends and I." Have publications done away with proofreaders? Unfortunately, this type of grammatical error has become all too common.

-- Arnold Rosenberg, Atlanta

Word to the Wrapper
John Sugg: In response to your column (Fishwrapper, "'Perhaps' is a four-letter word," Nov. 14) about the sorry state of so-called "journalism" that is evident in the pages of the AJC, I have just two words: "RIGHT ON!"

I have considered the AJC to be little more than "fish wrap" for many, many years now. Unfortunately, this trend of so-called "news services" (including print, television, etc.) reporting only what their owners/sponsors/advertisers want the people to know and filling the rest of the blank spaces with nonsensical "crap" at the expense of real journalism seems to have no end in sight. Thank goodness for independent-minded, dedicated-to-truth journalists like yourself (and to the Internet!) -- otherwise, there would be very little real journalism left in America.

Thank you again for your contribution (and the contributions of the staff at CL) to true journalism!

-- Tony Hammock, Atlanta

Left without a foothold
Cliff Bostock: In the aftermath after reading your article (Paradigms, "After the Aftermath" Nov. 14), I find myself laughing wholeheartedly. Nothing makes my day more than reading an ultra left-winger's pulp trying to regain the elitist status that he so enjoyed before the tragedy.

Oh how it must consume your very soul knowing that Americans have rediscovered something we have been missing for quite some time, a sense of pride in the American culture.

You say with disbelief that disarmament treaties must be abandoned. Well actually, ancient disarmament treaties must be abandoned for more modern and applicable agreements. You say civil liberties must be curtailed. Whose, the terrorists? You say racial profiling is OK. Imagine that, actually using physical descriptions to help track down those responsible and prevent future attacks. You say news reports must be censored. I believe it was asked of news reporting agencies to show some common sense when distributing terrorist propaganda. You say the dissident must be branded un-American. No, the un-American must be branded un-American. You say corporate welfare is back. How would you propose stimulating an economy that has fallen into recession, by holding each other's hand and singing "Kumbaya?"

Finally you say your e-mail must lose its confidentiality. Where do you get your information? Your e-mail has never been confidential.

How mightily the radical liberal minds struggle to regain their foothold. Unfortunately for them, a sobering reality has encompassed the public. These causes, gripes and rantings have been exposed as trivial, and a stronger will has emerged to hold on to what is most important, freedom.

-- Tim Rusk, Atlanta

Apartheid and Suburban Man
I want to blast Mr. Todd Massar, who is so blatantly anti-Israel in his recent letter (Going Postal, "Palestine by the numbers," Nov. 7) that there is no way in hell he could have slanted his diatribe more against the Jewish state than he did.

Todd, we don't need a history lesson to know that the core belief, the core edict of Palestinians has been and is to destroy the state of Israel, to kill all Jews there, to drive it into the sea. There is absolutely no apartheid practiced by the government of Israel. Do you even know what that means? Apartheid is the act of treating some of a nation's citizens as second-class, not taking care of them and ignoring their needs. Israel gives every right to its Arab citizens as it does to the Jewish ones.

As far as the territories, they were captured in war, just like the U.S. captured its territory from the native Americans, the Spanish and the Mexicans to form our great land. However, since so many Palestinians reside in the West Bank and Gaza, it was not possible to annex these lands without harm to the nation.

So, Israel has been trying to find a way to meet the needs of these individuals while at the same time protecting its own citizens.

Read a little less history, Mr. Massar, and pay attention a little more to recent events. You need to realize that Sept. 11 was not in any way caused by or enhanced by the U.S. support for Israel or our foreign policy. These heinous acts were simply the brazen hatred of a madman unleashed against his enemy, which is basically anyone who is not one of his followers. Get real.

Also, if I may, I want to once again condemn the cartoon "The City" because it does not in any way reflect reality but makes itself just look stupid. Although "derf" has a valid point when he urges us not to continue to use our SUVs and to take the bus (Nov. 7), thereby decreasing our reliance on foreign oil, there are so many things wrong with his strip on so many other levels.

For one, the U.S. is not the only nation dependent on Arab oil -- not by far. Japan, Canada, Russia and Europe as well as China and others depend on it for part or all of their petroleum needs. Further, the Saudis weren't the only ones donating to bin Laden! The U.S. also gave him funds as well as ammo, including shoulder-fired missiles. Yes, we made our own bed and now we are lying in it, but just as far as having to take out the arms we gave the Muslim "freedom fighters" in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, not as far as saying that we are responsible for the massacre in NYC, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania.

Lastly, derf, you have totally ignored the fact that so many people own SUVs! Why do you continue to believe that only Caucasian males drive these vehicles? You might as well retire the White Middle Class Suburban Male because there is no reality at all in this stupid depiction of what you may abhor in yourself or others.

-- Jack Franco Handmacher, Norcross

Ashcroft must go
In responding to Jeff Berry (Flip Side, "Should civil liberties be sacrificed in the war on terrorism?" Sept. 26) I must say he has got it exactly backward. It is about compromising the Bill of Rights, under the guise of protecting ourselves against "mass murderers and suicide bombers."

The Bill of Rights is what America is all about. Mr. Berry does not seem to realize that in being so willing to "compromise the Bill of Rights" that he wants to make America a different country. Those rights, Mr. Berry, must be left in place. There are other enemies we must protect ourselves from: those who want to turn our country into a police state, and frankly, I am more afraid of those villains than I am of external murders of the ilk of Osama bin Laden.

The totalitarian mentality always points to external threats to take away domestic personal freedoms and rights.

I prefer to live and have my grandchildren live in a free country, even if under external threat, rather than to surrender what American stands for in the face of an external threat.

As Ashcroft is attempting to single-handedly rewrite the Constitution to his own liking, without the consent of the people, he must go. I call for his immediate resignation.

-- David Amos, Arcadia, Calif.

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