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Going Postal 

Prayer for the young

Kevin Griffis: Thank you for the wonderful expose on Saxby Chambliss ("Party animal," Oct. 2). His inconsistencies and lack of integrity make him a perfect choice for this president, who promised to be a uniter and not a divider, who supposedly cares about free and open society. I hope and pray that young people, especially, get informed and get out to vote. An informative article like yours make a difference.

-- Peggy Davis, Atlanta

Eyes wide shut
I just wanted to say what a relief it was to read John Sugg's article, "Thought Crime on Campus" (Fishwrapper, Oct. 2). I believe that my generation (mid-20s) has successfully become thoroughly disenchanted with politics and any major government institutions. Bush's puppetry has only strengthened my resolve to affect some change in the way our country is run. Too often I feel as if ordinary people have no say in major government decisions, such as the war on Iraq. I've found that an overwhelming majority of my peers disagree with waging a war in Iraq, yet somehow the government powerhouses continue to plow their way toward their current goal. And this is despite objections coming from everywhere. It's hard to know what can be done to change the course of such an old and large machine like our government.

Thank you for your article and showing us how much the media is controlled by outside forces, feeding us only what they want us to think and believe. Hopefully, it will reach many ears and begin to open their eyes to what's happening right in front of us!

-- Ashlyn McKnight, Aiken, S.C.

Tell the truth
(In response to Fishwrapper, "Thought crime on campus," Oct. 2): John Sugg: I thought that Cynthia McKinney announcing her intentions to run for president on the Green Party ticket was the funniest thing I'd ever heard. Until you announced your candidacy for the 7th District that is. Thanks, I laughed for a good half-hour on top of that one.

So, what you're saying is our academics are being persecuted because of their left-leaning political views? While at the same time you're complaining that they're not really far enough to the left to begin with? Thanks again for the laugh Suggy, that's a good one!

Are you sure the Whig Party is the right party for you? I'm thinking that if you really want to be truthful and un-chickenlike, you should tell the truth. Your REAL party preference is the Communist Party. (In fact, you make Mao Tse Tung look like Dutch Reagan half the time.) While I am no fan of Ariel Sharon and his actions or policies, I also abhor Yasser Arafat (the billionaire) and his actions and policies. The big difference between my views and yours, however, is that I am not a slave to a linear and single-minded political viewpoint. You, on the other hand, are a slave to your far-left liberal-at-all-cost ideology.

Which brings me to your conundrum. What are you going to do about all the liberal Democratic Jewish voters out there? You know that their allegiance is to Israel and that whether they admit it or not, 90 percent of them loathe most Arab Muslims (especially Palestinians). I'm willing to bet the farm that you have thoroughly alienated the Atlanta liberal Jewish Democrat contingent, with your myopic, one-sided and uninformed rants.

How will the Sugg campaign shore up these rifts with the liberal Jewish community? Maybe you can invite Louis Farrakhan (see: Cynthia McKinney above) to campaign for you.

-- Brian Mallon, Atlanta

We've got balls
In response to Mr. Scott Rogers letter in the Oct. 9 issue (Going Postal, "Where's the 'loafing'?"), in which he complains about the lack of "loafing" stories in the Loaf, try reading the whole paper sometime, instead of just what you don't like. For instance, in that same issue, which was likely not altered to respond to your whine, there are feature articles on theater and an arts festival, and all of the regular sections that we loyal readers rely on for planning our weekends and leisure time: Grazing, Liquid Diet, Vibes, Flicks, Arts and Good Eats, not to mention Happenings and Public Agenda.

If you don't like independent reporting of vital political issues, stick with your boring friends at the AJC, and pay them for their mainstream conservative Bushmedia drivel.

Creative Loafing rocks. It is the only local publication with the balls to point out the sometimes unpleasant and unpopular truth, and it's free! If you don't want to read it, fine, don't let the door hit you on the way out. But don't take up its valuable column inches with your off-base blather.

-- Dave Rhinehart, Atlanta

Not gonna do it
Scott Henry: Loved your article (News & Views, The Weekly Scalawag, Oct. 2)!

I can't help but wonder why these fundamentalists think it's OK to give kids all the information and let them decide for themselves about evolution, but that doesn't apply to sex education. All they want kids to know about is abstinence. I say give them all the information so they can make their own decisions. That includes birth control, condom instruction, condom distribution, abortion and adoption advice and referral, masturbation encouragement, etc.

Shyeah, like that's going to happen.

-- Debbie Lawson, Marietta, Ohio

Good stuff
Unbe-freaking-lieveable article on Donnie and India.Arie in a recent Loaf ("Soul mates," Sept. 25). I enjoyed it like hell!

-- Charles Staats, Atlanta

Squashing skepticism
Encore, encore for your article on India.Arie and Donnie ("Soul mates," Sept. 25). I have had the honor to book Donnie for a show here in Atlanta and I work with Anasa on several projects. When she told me this article was going to be released, I was a little skeptical. However, you really allowed your words to have the readers experience the artists.

-- Jodine Dorce, Atlanta

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