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A 20-year-old Norcross man was leaving an unknown address in Norcross when he ran into a friend. The friend invited the man to go with him to a club. The man agreed and the friend and three other men got into a van.

On the way to the club, the three men decided to stop and get some beer. After failing to get beer from two locations, they contacted a friend who would be able to get the beer for them. After getting the beer, the group was supposed to go to the club but ended up driving around.

The group drove around for a while and ended up at one of the men's apartments. Some of the group went inside for about an hour.

Two of the men came back out and were supposed to drive the first man home. Instead, they drove him to a park. Once inside the park, two of the men got out of the van and pointed at it.

The third member of the group got out to relieve himself. The first man did the same, and as he did, one of the men walked over and punched him in the head.

The man then tried to wrestle the victim toward the group. The victim managed to get out of his jacket and began running. The suspect caught him and as he was going through the victim's pockets, he demanded all of the man's money.

Once the robber emptied the victim's pockets, he told another suspect to "bust a cap in his ass."

The victim saw a gun and then grabbed one of the suspects by the groin and pushed him away. He began running and made it to a phone to call for help.

Immediately following a "discharging firearms" call, a "person shot" call was dispatched by Gwinnett police.

An officer responded to a restaurant in Norcross. When the officer arrived on the scene, he noticed a man sitting in front of the entrance of the restaurant, holding a paper towel on his left forearm. The officer applied gauze and pressure to the wound until paramedics arrived on the scene.

There was an entrance and exit wound on the victim's arm.

The victim said he was driving when a man wearing a blue jumpsuit came up to his window and started shooting at him. He said he parked his car in front of the restaurant and told an employee to call 911 because he had been shot. He said that he did not see who shot him.

The victim was immediately transported to the hospital.

The victim's car was inspected and the front driver's side window was shattered, and there was a trail of blood from the driver's side to the rear of the car and heavy saturation of blood in other areas. There was a bullet hole through the roof of the car.

A 25-year-old Atlanta man and a co-worker walked into his apartment on Summer Crossing. The man became angry when he saw that his girlfriend, a 30-year-old Atlanta woman, had stayed home with the children because of the inclement weather.

The couple began to argue, although the woman says they were really arguing over her boyfriend's "cheating tendencies."

When the argument escalated, the woman ran to the bedroom to call the police, but the man disconnected the phone. When she tried to call on a cell phone, he grabbed her and threw her on the bed.

The co-worker stepped into the fray and separated the two.

Then the man fled the apartment with his young daughter and drove off.

Police were dispatched to an assault call in Norcross. The victim, a 35-year-old Norcross woman, told police her boyfriend hit her on the right side of the face around her ear. There were visible red marks on her right ear and it was bleeding.

She stated her boyfriend had been drinking and he drove her car over to their friend's house and when the friend told him not to park on the grass, he became irate and drove through the yard, tearing up the grass.

She said he then drove recklessly on the street, hitting a mailbox. She said they finally made it back home and that she began yelling at him for nearly killing them. That is when he hit her.

She said she left the house and went back to her friend's house and called the police. A battery warrant was obtained and he was arrested and transported to jail.

Adam Van Wickel contributed to this report.

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