How are you keeping warm in the cold? 

Rudi: I wear my Steve Madden down-feather jacket, and then rip it off in the back seat of my Saab and make out with my girlfriend in the car while listening to "Sex on Wheelz" by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult. I keep the heater on while the steam fogs the windows. Having sex in the car is a real turn-on for me because you're always wondering whether you're going to get busted by someone walking by. When you're having sex in the car, you're hot. And my girlfriend is toasty.

Grant: Mattress-pad warmer. Ten minutes before you get into bed, you turn it on -- so when you're in bed, your sheets and your blankets and your spread are all warm. So even when you get up and go pee, when you come back, your skin is already warm and your blood is warm. You never get cold, so you don't have to use your heat at night. It's the greatest invention in the world. When you go outside, you don't feel it. Your blood is like a higher temperature than it normally is. You're not cold when you're outside. It's a miracle, and nobody knows about it.

Tessa: Being cold is a state of mind. I don't have the ability to be cold. I know that sounds weird, but ever since I've been taking this thyroid medication, it makes my hair grow really fast, my nails grow really fast -- and I've lost my ability to be cold, ever. It's the weirdest side effect that wasn't listed under side effects. I told my doctor, and he said, "That's very interesting." I'm taking the medication for depression; it's supposed to help. There's this new research where they're looking into thyroid medication that helps the activity of anti-depressants. That's why I'm taking it. I've definitely been happier since I've lost the ability to be cold.



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