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The Earl:
9 p.m. Jupiter Watts

9:50 p.m. THE ROY OWENS JR. -- Owens filters the cream of '70s AM-radio pop/rock through a quirky, guitar-driven, quasi-indie-rock sensibility a la Built to Spill. (KM)

10:40 p.m. The Shazam

11:30 p.m. BOSS MARTIANS-- The Boss Martians latest phase finds frontman Evan Foster writing like Armed Forces-era Elvis Costello, playing powerhouse guitar like Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen and singing like the Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley.(GN)

12:20 a.m. WOGGLES -- The Woggles cap off the night with their own searing brand of ragged-but-right '60s bomp 'n' stomp. (GN)

Eastside Lounge:
Rare Form Audio Explorations

Echo Lounge:
9 p.m. Tag Team

10 p.m. THE FRAMES-- Irish pop-rockers the Frames temper their passionate ambitions with a more studied, atmospheric approach. (KM)

11 p.m. CALEXICO-- Calexico, the desert Americana project of Giant Sand-men Joey Burns and John Convertino, crystallizes its approach on this year's majestic, experimental Feast of Wire. (KM)

Raw Gallery:
Art Opening Party7 p.m. DJS KISS AND TELL -- Dance your way to damnation with retro-futuristic rump shaking courtesy of ladies Kiss and Tell, who play new wave '80s, funk and Mod(ern) post-Brit garage rawk + roll. (TW)

8:30 p.m. TENTH TO THE MOON -- Former Pineal Ventana drummer Mitch Foy's newest creation is getting better with every show, resembling at last stage a more soulful, cinematic Laibach. (OK)

9:15 p.m. Gong Fodder

10 p.m. oncideres

10:45 p.m. Low Life Quartet

11:30 p.m. The Desert Fathers

12:30 a.m. BLACK KITES -- Featuring members of American Dream, 3D5SPD and former Jet By Day bassist Amy Burmeister, Black Kites craft a thunderous and mathematically precise dirge that evokes everyone from the Pixies to Pere Ubu. (CR)

The Village:
9:30 p.m. Nerdkween

10:20 p.m. Light Pupil Dilate

11:10 p.m. Gainer

midnight Plate Six

12:50 a.m. Myssouri

FRI., OCT. 17

The Earl:
Lifeform Project Showcase8:30 p.m. Homeroom

9:20 p.m. I Almost Saw God on the Metro

10:10 p.m. Jeff Joseph

11 p.m. Grant Aaron

11:40 p.m. Aye! Robotics!

12:20 a.m. SPEEDY J -- Rotterdam's Speedy J crafts electronic compositions combining a Dutch maelstrom with streamlined Detroit techno into brutal paranoid breakbeat, melodic alien ambience and mechanical funk deconstruction. (TW)

Eastside Lounge:
Earthtone Soundsystem -- Staples of Atlanta's underground deep-house scene, ES DJs pump soulful, tribal, invigorating funk that perspires speakers and rouses tweakers. (TW)

Echo Lounge:
Dr. Mortonstein and Calugula's Fright Night9 p.m. J.J. Garrison and the Hustlers

9:45 p.m. Artimus Pyledriver

10:30 p.m. JESCO -- See feature, p. 34.

11 p.m. Doll Squad

11:30 p.m. Fiend without a Face

12:15 a.m. Jesco

12:40 a.m. TWEEZER -- Atlanta's infamous mid-'90s extreme rockers re-unite for one show only. Guitarist/vocalist Freddy DeShon promises they'll play "our greatest hits in all their noisy sloppy glory." (GN)

1:30 a.m. JESCO

Raw Gallery:
8 p.m. Pony Law

8:45 p.m. Black Love

9:30 p.m. Stacey Cargal

10:15 p.m. THE FLAKES -- Performing as a duo, guitarist Randy Castello and percussionist Alex Lambert (Blame Game, Lie and Swell) play a set of short, rustic numbers that unfold over a backdrop of shapeless visuals. (CR)

11 p.m. Dark Inside The Sun

11:45 p.m. Gorge Trio

12:30 a.m. UNTIED STATES -- Usually a bridesmaid, rarely the bride, this noise-rock, avant-random trio headline with blaring dissonance confined to the boundaries of pop structure. (NS)

The Village:
9:30 p.m. 3d5spd

10:20 p.m. Blue Jays

11:10 p.m. Rock City Dropouts

midnight Malachi Constant

12:50 a.m. THE HISS -- This may be the last time the Hiss can play IG and it not be ironic or hypocritical. The post-garage, modern rockers are already huge over the pond, so isn't America sure to catch up eventually? (NS)

517 Flat Shoals Ave. (Formerly Roti Jamaican Restaurant):
Stickfigure: DIY Showcase (times TBA)Brotherhood of the Hammer

The Names

Swan Song Super Group

ELECTROSLEEP INT'L -- Reckless, arrogant and fueled by an innate sense of self-destruction, Electrosleep Int'l churns out thrashing new wave and angular post-hardcore that recalls everyone from Nation of Ulysses to Antioch Arrow. (CR)

U.R. Jaguar


IWOULDSETMYSELFONFIREFORYOU -- With their lithe and spastic riffwork, classic screamo vocals, subtle viola drones, and a penchant for metal chunk, Athens' IWSMOFFY provides a convulsive live show not to be missed. (HJ)

SAT., OCT. 18

The Earl:
JOHNNY CASH TRIBUTE SHOW -- Kingsized's Mike Geier, Dames Aflame and Clete Reid are among the many Atlantans scheduled to honor The Man in Black tonight with brief memorial performances. (GN)

Eastside Lounge:
More Dusty Than Digital

Jonah LS

Echo Lounge:
8:45 p.m. Susan Enan

9:15 p.m. NELS CLINE CASIO CONSPIRACY -- Veteran guitar improviser from "a musical twilight zone" (L.A.) finally transports his conspiracy to Atlanta. (OK)

9:45 p.m. Two Food Yard

10:20 p.m. CARLA BOZULICH -- Bozulich, best known as the acquired-taste voice of the Geraldine Fibbers, is touring behind her song-for-song interpretation of Willie Nelson's 1975 classic Red Headed Stranger. (KM)

11:45 p.m. Steven Delopoulos

12:10 a.m. OVER THE RHINE -- Husband-and-wife duo Over the Rhine support Ohio, a spare-yet-sprawling genre kaleidoscope (from folk to soul) of a double-album; it's easily the pair's high-water mark to date. (KM)

Raw Gallery:
8 p.m. Noise Chronicle

8:30 p.m. Cal-Rip and Clayborne

9:15 p.m. Dang Dang Dang

10 p.m. HUBCAP CITY (FROM BELGIUM) -- Bill Taft and his backing musicians aren't really from Belgium, but he uses that angle to offer profane, provocative and often hilarious social commentary. (LS)

10:45 p.m. Anti-Social Chamber Music

11:30 p.m. Liquid Brick

12:30 a.m. ENVIE -- Renee Nelson and her ever-expanding and contracting combo conjure dreamy demons and lithe angels with soaring vocals, heavenly harp, moody cello and precise percussion. (LS)

1:15 a.m. It Happens Tonight

The Village:
9:30 p.m. Emery Reel

10:20 p.m. Scout Niblett-- Niblett songs, which feature little beyond hollow, thumping percussion and Niblett's croaking, careering voice, don't always cohere, but for sheer unity of vision, he is as close to a musical monologuist as most things come. (JEK)

11:10 p.m. AMERICAN DREAM -- Swelling with imagery of a Southern Americana tinged with pop-melancholy and a bit of hope, American Dream's sound draws from reflective interplay between lush string arrangements, colossal drumming and vocalist David Railey's lavish songwriting. (CR)

midnight Drill Team

12:50 a.m. The El Caminos

517 Flat Shoals Ave. (Formerly Roti Jamaican Restaurant):
Stickfigure: DIY Showcase (times TBA)AIROES -- Unleashing a blitzkrieg of sonic terror that flails in ecstasy, Airoes' one-man live, electronic dance terror is unrivaled. Whether wrapped in wire and duct tape or sporting a frog suit, Airoes ignores the lines that separate audience and performer. (CR)

900 Dixx

Kill Me Tomorrow

BLAME GAME -- Blame Game squeezes a Beefheartian swagger through explosive beats, and a screaming, grinding cacophony that turns on a dime. The group's sound is fast music for fast-thinking people that blasts from a part-improv/part-orchestrated hardcore throb. (CR)

The Orphins

The Blue Hour

SUN., OCT. 19

Starlight Drive-In:
IG Closing Party3 p.m. A FIR-JU WELL -- Local outfit offers a refreshing, unforced spin on classic Byrds-ian guitar jangle and the psychedelic atmospherics of prime '90s Brit-pop. (KM)

4 p.m. JIMMY AND THE TEASERS -- North Carolina's spicy psychobilly trio shakes up the film fest's closing party with their crunchy Cramps-ish rockin' bones beat and some tantalizingly teasing eye-candy. (GN)

5 p.m. MAGIC MAGICIANS -- Combining a member of the Black Heart Procession with a piece of 764-HERO, this experimental duo takes indie rock to the far reaches of its power structure without becoming banal or metal. (NS)

6 p.m. BLACK KEYS -- See feature, p. 97. (NS)

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Contributors: Hamilton Jordan Jr., J. Edward Keyes, Omar Khalid, Kevin Moreau, Greg Nicoll, Chad Radford, Lee Smith, Nikhil Swaminathan, Tony Ware.


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