Is toothache result of bad karma? 

Dear Karma Cleanser:

Can a bad breakup cause a toothache? Ever since I split with my honey bunny, I've been seeing a new guy: my dentist! No, we're not dating (not yet, anyway) but I've had no less than three fillings and a root canal. In six months! Keep in mind that before this, I never had any dental work at all. Nothing. Zip. Like one cavity in 22 years. And now all of a sudden, I'm like my dentist's best customer. It's embarrassing.

You're wondering if there's some obvious tie between my ex and my rotting teeth. There's not one. He wasn't a pastry chef or anything. The relationship did end on bad terms, which is mostly my fault, and that's also the reason I wonder if this dental trouble is just bad karma coming back to punch me in the mouth. If it is, how do I stop it?
-- Oral decay

The Karma Cleanser can relate. After our last breakup, we found ourselves in a three-way relationship -- with Ben & Jerry. It's normal and expected to eat bad stuff when times are rough. Even if you didn't do that, it's possible your recent drilling ills do have a correlation to the doomed love affair. How to fix it? First, stop calling your ex your "honey bunny," which is just silly. Second, floss. Third, apologize. Rinse and repeat.


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