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The big debate this Christmas is over Playstation 2 vs. the Xbox, not whether a horrific tragedy should revive our belief in Christ's message of peace. No change there.

Did I say "peace"? Sorry, I forgot that anyone who doesn't subscribe to "War Is Peace" must, in Bushthink, be "evil." I'm sure that if Jesus arrived for the second coming, he would be snared in Ashcroft's dragnet of 1,200 or so Middle Eastern men, the "disappeared" who, like Al-Najjar, now rot in America's gulag.

What has changed is that America's New World Order plutocrats are firmly in control. Challenge them, harp about human rights, and you'll be classified as a terrorist.

Those Americans -- not to mention those billions of other people around the world -- who scratch their heads and say, "Uh, wait. I'm definitely not with Osama. But I'm not sure I'm buying into Bush, either," just don't get it, do they? Ignore those dead Afghan babies (CNN certainly is putting on patriotic blinders, while Geraldo is lying through his teeth on Fox) and the war-crimes-class massacres of POWs by our "allies" (aka bandits, drug-runners and ex-Soviet stooges).

If you peek, you'll be aiding the terrorists. Just ask Chambliss or Miller.

And then, Ashcroft's Thought Police will kick in your door. Just ask Al-Najjar.

Senior Editor John Sugg was last seen being whisked away by unfriendly guys in dark suits. Try leaving a message at 404-614-1241 -- but it's safest to call from a pay phone.


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