Jackass: The Movie 

Genre: Hip TV series hits big screen

Opens: Now playing

The Pitch: Self-destructive host Johnny Knoxville and his band of kamikaze skatepunks go to wild lengths to annoy people and injure themselves in a plotless film that's equal parts extreme sports, anarchic performance art and sheer idiocy.

Money shots: Puckish sociopath Bam Margera sets off a fireworks display in his sleeping parents' bedroom. Knoxville and Margera joyride in a golf cart, which flips and collapses on them. Steve-O, the group's supermasochist, snorts wasabi like it's cocaine and suffers the consequences. Knoxville and Margera, dressed as burglars, tumble through an office ceiling, sending a terrified worker out the door and down the block.

Fashion statements: Bikini briefs with leopard spots or the American flag. Crash helmets and belt buckles with the skull and crossed crutches of the "Jackass" logo. Panda Bear suits for frolicking and brawling in Tokyo streets.

Flesh factor: Buffalo shots on parade, with the Jackass gang's penchant for dancing in G-strings or putting objects -- like bottle rockets -- in their rectums.

Bodily fluids: A bloody close-up of Knoxville's gashed scalp provides a strong warning not to try this at home. Vomiting is copious. A fellow makes and eats a yellow snow cone -- which is exactly what you think it is. And that doesn't even mention the occasional bodily solid.

Animal acts: Steve-O lets a huge alligator snap a hunk of chicken from the back of his jockstrap. A baby gator clamps onto Knoxville's nipple. Two guys encourage whale sharks to eat shrimp from their pants.

Celebrity cameos: Singer Henry Rollins and prop comic Rip Taylor make inexplicable appearances. Director Spike Jonze, one of the series' creators, dons old-man makeup for funny gags involvinga busy intersection and an out-of-control wheelchair.

Best "Candid Camera" imitation: Knoxville rents a car, demolishes it in a demolition derby, and blithely tries to return it to the rental agency.

Hit Single: "If You're Gonna Be Dumb (You Gotta Be Tough)," Roger Allen Wade's catchy country ditty that plays over the closing credits and sums up the Jackass credo.

The Bottom Line: It's never justifiable and frequently sickening, yet the Jackass crew's willingness to go to any length in the name of a stunt or a joke can be somehow exhilarating. At the risk of encouraging them -- or their fans -- to hurt themselves, Jackass: The Movie offers the longest, loudest laughs of the year.


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