Jax's wife, Lisa Thurston, remembers her 'best friend' 

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I just want to make this point to everybody in the community: Please go to a doctor. Especially if they're telling me that Chris having high blood pressure is what killed him. I just need people to get their blood pressure checked. It's a weird feeling that they're just telling me high blood pressure, but I am going to get a second opinion.

We were eating a little bit better, 'cause we were getting married. We were exercising more. We were taking our little walks around the neighborhood. We'd cut down on a lot of stuff. His pressure was elevated, but it wasn't like sky high. His pressure may have been 140 over 90, which is elevated but it's nothing, to me, that would kill you.

People who know him know he was a chubby kinda fella. He was chubby, but then he started losing weight. And so, we were losing weight together. But I think his weight loss was also due to him working at UPS.

I'd stopped buying sodas. We started eating in more than eating out, 'cause we were the eating out king and queen. We had started cooking around the house. And you know we had started drinking more water, taking more vitamins. We had just starting being healthier.

That's something that his mom and I were stressing to him. He had migraines and stuff of that nature, and we just wanted him to take care of himself. And then with me being around him 24/7, when we came up to New York his mom was like, "You know you're a little bit thin."

She'd never seen her child slim. She and I were stressing, "You need to go to the doctor." Whenever I had the chance, I would take his blood pressure but, you know, homie was busy. It's just a weird situation that he was a young man and he just collapsed and he could not be brought back.

I was telling a friend of mine, he wasn't meant to be here forever and the time that he was here was enough time because he had a very powerful and positive impact on a lot of people. The people who knew him, the people that met him are very thankful that they have. I mean, he wasn't meant to be here until he was 40.

It's symbolic to me that he died for hip-hop, and I'm thankful that the young man did not suffer. I'm thankful. I mean, that's what he did. He died for something that he truly loved.

I remember somebody called Chris the godfather of Atlanta hip-hop, and now that the godfather's not here, there's so many people here that can – I won't say take his place, 'cause nobody can take his place – but there's so many talented people here, and Chris saw it and hopefully these young men will see the talent that they have. So I hope that people do step up to the plate and try to support each other 'cause that's what it's about.

On Saturday, Nov. 8, Lenny's hosted a fundraising benefit in Jax's honor that brought out people within Atlanta's indie-rap scene that Lisa hadn't seen in years.

It was amazing to me at his – I call it his going-away party – that we had in Atlanta before he came here to New York, all those people [who] came out and it was like people whose faces I hadn't seen in such a long time because they were, you know, doing their grown man thing. They got married, they started having kids, they had to get jobs, they had to support their family.

It's a shame that it took somebody's death to bring all these people out. Hopefully it's a lesson learned. I wish people would have learned their lesson when DJ Ox passed away. But I don't know what it's going to take. It's all about support. The Atlanta hip-hop scene is about family, and you're gonna always support your family no matter what they do and how they act.

Lisa recalls Jax's well-known sense of humor before imagining her life in his absence.

Chris was a funny guy. He was very snappy with his little comments and stuff. I remember being up here in New York the last time we were here. We were at Squeeze Radio and Kaos had on those Questlove Air Force Ones, and they were ugly. I mean, they were like horrendous. And Chris said they looked like elephant shoes with ketchup on it.

These dudes were fun. A major part of the crew is gone but these dudes are still fun.


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