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Am I so bad for bailing on a no-fun wedding trip?

Karma Cleanser:
Months ago, I promised a friend that I would go with her to a wedding. When I made plane reservations earlier this month, I was horrified to find that the wedding was on the same weekend I'd planned to go whitewater rafting with some buddies. After weighing my options -- go to the wedding, spend $500 from an already tight budget, lose the money for the rafting trip, be surrounded by people I don't know and may never see again, but chill out in a huge city with my friend, or go rafting with several friends, meet new people and "save" $500, I decided not to go to the wedding and left my friend empty-handed.

I feel pretty bad about "leaving her at the altar," but the date mix-up was an honest mistake. And with either choice, one friend would be mad at me.

-- Truth oar consequences

An honest mistake may have put you up shit creek in this situation, but you'll need to do some back paddling to salvage the shipwrecked friendship. Stop your rationalizing, be happy with your decision and see how you can repay this girl for sinking her plans.

Karma Cleanser:
I must have been a truly evil S.O.B. in a past life considering what my life has been like this go 'round. And I do believe in karma, or reaping what I've sown.

My horoscope in Free Will Astrology says I can send for a Karma Credit Card that I can use to pay off one of my major karmic debts. Is it possible to just unload some heavy-duty bad karma? And if so, how can I spot one of these opportunities on my own? Is there something you could recommend that I can do daily to tune in to my standing with the universe?

-- Pay by plastic

The Karma Cleanser distrusts too-good-to-be-true credit card offers almost as much as car salesmen and house cats. Bad karma, like bad credit, must be repaid eventually. When the opportunity arises, you'll know it without hesitation. As for soul tune-ups, we prescribe journal writing, jogging and at least one dose of Katie Couric daily.

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