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Dear Karma Cleanser:
Long story short, three years ago my friend "Lucy" started dating "Ian." It just so happened that Ian had dated another friend, "Amy," who harshly dumped him years ago. He was wary of dating until things began to blossom with Lucy.

I began to feel jealous as this healthy relationship became serious. Maybe because my ex had cheated on me, treated me like a doormat and then left me.

Anyway, Lucy recently had a party at her apartment. I took Ian to the side to say that Lucy is wrong for him, Amy is still the girl, and I could get the two of them back together. I knew it was hopeless since Amy doesn't ever want to get back with him. He said he was completely over her and couldn't be happier. I told lies about Lucy in hopes of swaying him, but was unsuccessful. Lucy heard about my comments, along with others I'd told in an attempt to ruin their relationship. Now Lucy refuses to hang out with me because she "doesn't trust me."

I knew I was wrong and apologized. She accepted, but she's still distant. She's not even going to invite me to their upcoming wedding. I'm friends with Ian and deserve to be invited regardless. I'm thinking of showing up anyway. So whose karma is at risk and whose is in the clear? Shouldn't I be in the clear if I apologized?

-- Unforgiven

Long story short? Too late! Much as we'd like to take your side in this whole sordid affair, we just can't. You were way out of line for trying to crap-up your "friend" Ian's happiness, no matter what emotional baggage you're lugging around. You did the right thing by apologizing, but you've got to have the grace now to remove yourself from the situation. Avoid the upcoming wedding like tourists have Toronto. Maybe someday your friendship with Ian will come back around, but for now you should file this one under: "I Fucked Up."

Dear Karma Cleanser:
To the cop who gave me a ticket last weekend: Yes, I was parked next to no-parking sign. But did you happen to notice that the sign had fallen and was mostly hidden by the bushes that had grown around it? I didn't even see the sign until I came back and found the ticket, which I'm told will set me back $45. I hope you realize that handing out bogus tickets like this one will come back and haunt you in the end.

-- Roadside Rage

And let that be a lesson to you kids: Always check the bushes before leaving your car.

Been bad?

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