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Dear Karma Cleanser:
Is it possible for a close friend's bad karma to rub off on your universe? A female friend of mine had some car trouble awhile back. She told me how this young guy who was there helped her out and was able to get her back on the road. I thought that was great -- chivalry isn't dead.

Recently we were together in my car and we stopped at a gas station. A young guy came up to the car and asked if we could help out with some change. Before I could respond, she told me, "Pull off, pull off!" and started laughing uncontrollably after I took off. I asked her why he acted like he knew her, and she said that it may have been the guy who helped her fix her car. I was less than a minute away, but I didn't turn around to help him out. Is this my bad karma or just hers?

-- Want to get right

Most likely the bad karma belongs to your friend, who sounds like a real bitch. Make a note to self: Don't ride with thankless friends.

Dear Karma Cleanser:
I recently found myself in the middle of co-workers who have too much time on their hands. And before I knew it, I was caught up in their bitch session. The group has a habit of imitating and making fun of others behind their backs. Today's session was aimed at a guy in our department who suffers from a disability. Although he has never done anything to deserve this treatment, we continued to mock his disability.

A recent sickness has made me more aware of my co-worker's daily struggle, and I believe bad karma is playing its role here. I'm now having temporary side effects that resemble what my co-worker is suffering. I can't imagine the pain he feels having to deal with this for the rest of his life.

I'm truly sorry for what I've done and know that karma must run its course. But how do I make this right with him? I've thought of confessing my actions to him, but I'm afraid it would only cause additional pain if he knew the whole story. Please help me right this wrong!

-- Seeking Redemption

Confession isn't a cure-all, especially when you're doing so just to relieve your own guilty conscience. And in this case, coming clean with your co-worker sounds like it would only add insult to his injury. Perhaps you should relate your experience to the original group of rapscallions who were petty enough to slam the guy in the first place. Maybe they can learn from your bad example.

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