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Dear Karma Cleanser:
While shopping at a large hardware store, my husband and I realized that the cashier had not rung up more than one item of goods, and was ready to charge us $16 for more than $100 in items.

My husband was about to swipe his credit card when I decided it would be wrong to do this, and pointed out the mistake, hence costing us the additional $90 for the full value of the items.

I said it would have been bad karma to knowingly steal the items from the store, while my husband argued that this was our good karma coming back to us in the form of finances, and we just laughed in karma's face. What's the karmic activity at work?-- Stealing home (improvements)

Maybe you're both right. Maybe your man had a point by keeping quiet about the mistake, and would have therefore been redeeming the mom-and-pop store on the corner so ruthlessly shut out by some big-box home despot. Since you spotted the error, though, you were probably more right in piping up and not swindling the store. Stolen goods do not make for happy do-it-yourself projects.

Dear Karma Cleanser:
I've been dating a girl for almost a year now and things have progressed fine so far. But I'm having a problem that may lead to the end of the relationship. She's just moved to a new apartment and I have a hard time sleeping there because of the noise level. It honestly sounds like a family of pterodactyls lives in the apartment below her. And her roommate is nice enough, but we can hear every word she says when she is in her bedroom.

My girlfriend says the noise doesn't bother her, and she doesn't like sleeping at my place because I live with my parents. I've started sneaking naps in the daytime and then staying up watching TV when I go over to her place. I feel bad about doing this but I don't know what other course to take. -- Insomniac in suburbia

Ain't that the bitch about relationships? You make it through all the hard stuff -- commitment issues, abandonment issues, psycho ex-boyfriend issues -- only to run into something like this, which really is neither person's fault. Let that family of pterodactyls be a wake-up call to you (so to speak) that it's time to weigh where this relationship is going. If you really want to be with this person, show some balls and move out of your parents' house. Find a nice, quiet place of your own far from Jurassic Park.

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