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Dear Karma Cleanser:
(In response to "Stealing Home Improvements," the writer who feared for cheating the hardware store out of $90.) Karma Dudes, you let these folks off the hook way too easy. A mistake made by a clerk is just that, a mistake -- not some sort of cosmic "two wrongs make a right" thing.

I remember growing up in the '60s, one of the favorite sayings was, "Do unto others ... then split." Not so, my amigo. The additional $90 for the full value of the items pales in comparison to the payback of doing the right thing.

This poor schlump (the cashier) probably would have been out of a job. Sorry, but the whole "karmic effect" thing is lost on me. My two cents. Change anyone?-- Straighten Up and Fly Right ?

Sorry, but your logic fails us. You say you don't quite get the concept of karmic effect, but warn about the payback factor for not doing the right thing? We'd think that someone who matured in the Age of Aquarius couldn't miss the correlation. Geez, maybe "never trust anyone over 30" was right, man.

Dear Karma Cleanser:
(In response to "Fear of Flying," the writer who wanted to use a sale air fare to visit a friend, thereby alienating another friend in the process.) You missed a real opportunity with this letter. The person should do as you said and use the sale fare to go see their new friend, but then turn around and apply those frequent flier miles toward a trip to visit the longtime friend in L.A.

It seems to me this would save the writer the retribution of lying to her older friend, and also maybe save the friendship in L.A. along the way.

-- Flight School

Fair enough. Or should we say, "fare enough." Heh heh.

Dear Karma Cleanser:
(In response to "Bad Medicine," the writer who wanted to dump her boyfriend despite his pneumonia.) I just went through a similar situation. My lover of two years gave me the ax when I was in the middle of recuperating from surgery. It's catastrophic.

I'd rather have seen the relationship end over e-mail, or through a "Dear John" letter. The writer should stick it out until her man's back on his feet.

-- Whatever Happened to Compassion?

Compassion, we'll admit, is in short supply in this world of ours. But re-read that original letter and you'll see why we told the writer to hit the road. Sometimes you have to put your own recovery first.

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