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Dear Karma Cleanser:
I recently got out of a horrible relationship. I was with him for a year-and-a-half. I gave him my virginity (I'm now 21), I financially supported him for almost a year (I work part time and go to school full time), and since he doesn't have a license (because of his second DUI), I drove him everywhere.

I will admit that I've made my mistakes in our relationship, but he's a pathological liar, an alcoholic and a sociopath, and his mistakes are far worse than mine. My major is psychology, can't ya tell?

He was verbally abusive when he was drunk and has even pushed me around once or twice when he was wasted. I did everything for him, even when we broke up in January. I was there for him all the time and did everything in my power to make him happy.

On my 21st birthday, I found out that he'd slept with at least six different girls when we were in our relationship. I didn't take him back, but we were talking about getting back together and working on things, even after I found that out.

As we were trying to work through everything and make our relationship stable again, I walked in on him with another female and he proceeded to tell me that I was wrong for being royally pissed off. (During the course of this time, he was talking about marriage, me moving in, etc.)

I wonder if karma is going to swing at him in a way where he'll be screwed for a while, because I know I'm a good person and he did me wrong so bad.

Or, will karma come back my way with rewards? I already got a new car during the course of me walking in with him and the girl. Any advice?

-- Going Crazy

First, congratulations. You finally realized you're not a doormat, dusted yourself off and told this guy to get a new chauffeur. So few of us ever break the cycle of abuse, so kudos to you for kicking the jerk to the curb. Second, what the hell took you so long? Sounds like the signs were painfully clear that your dude was a dud.

Anyway, we think it very possible that your ex will have a killer karmic debt to pay, and he may just find himself swapping spit with a succubus who'll make him regret ever driving you away. You, however, shouldn't go expecting the Publishers Clearing House prize patrol to pop in just because you freed yourself from a toxic relationship. Isn't being rid of this parasite reward enough?

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