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Loyal readers: A few weeks ago, we asked for updates from previous letter writers. Here's what we got.

Dear Karma Cleanser: I originally wrote during the summer of 2002. To recap my previous letter, several years ago I became involved with a co-worker and rather than working it out with my wife, I became distant, made excuses and started keeping secrets. I subsequently got a divorce and the co-worker and I got together.
Ten years later, the co-worker that I was with all that time became distant, was making excuses and was lying to me. My question to you in 2002 was if there was something that I could do to get right with the world for my past behavior. Your answer was that the mess was my own bad-relationship karma coming back to kick my ass and that I should consider my first fuck-up a crash course in how not to run a relationship. You also said to "use the lessons of your past to fix the future."

Of course, the relationship ended shortly thereafter in a total meltdown worthy of a Jerry Springer show. When I confronted the two of them, it turned out that she had not only lied to me, but that she also lied to the new guy about still being in a relationship. She was keeping me on the back burner in case it didn't work out with him. She now has her own karma to deal with (but that's a different story).

I've learned my lesson the hard way. I've only loved two women in my life, so I'm hoping that it's not too late for me to get it right the third time around. But I believe that I must not have paid my penitence yet; two years later, I'm still looking for happiness. I'm left wondering if I'll get another shot at love but I remain hopeful. At least next time, I'll be better prepared. Thanks for the good advice.-- Still Wandering the Wasteland

Dear Karma Cleanser: I wrote earlier this year, complaining about my husband's snippy behavior. Well, I took your advice. It turns out my husband had overheard a conversation between a friend and me from like three years ago. I had said I thought one of his friends was hot and I'd jump his bones if I wasn't with my husband. We had the predictable argument and accusations that follow. But I'm here to let you know that all is well. My hubby has gotten past his pissiness and uncertainty of my desires. My karma, and head, are much cleaner and happier now. Thanks.
-- Once a Very Lost Soul

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