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Dear Karma Cleanser:
I was driving down the street the other weekend and passed a particular corner where this "street character" always stands. He wears outlandish outfits and waves at the people driving by. I've been told by a friend that the guy is not crazy or homeless (my first two guesses), but that he just wants to spread good cheer. Later on the same street, I saw that several cars had slowed down a little to see what the dude was doing. One woman had even pulled her car over and was taking photos. It made me start thinking: What if this person's appearance on this certain corner actually had the opposite effect? What if he caused traffic to actually stop and then road rage would develop? Or, even worse, an accident? Would his karma be screwed?-- Drive-By Gawker

Yours is a question of intentions -- the goods ones of which are rumored to tile the thoroughfare to hell. Said street character apparently wants to make the days brighter for car-cocooned commuters, many of whom probably feel like they're driving to Hades already. It's a noble cause for a city like ours that's so congested. If his actions end up making drivers' days worse, thanks to an accident or a rash of rubber-necking, then the innocence of the original intention will obviously be fast forgotten -- by the commuters, at least. Still, his karma, or in this case carma, should be fine.

Dear Karma Cleanser:
In a meeting this morning, I found out that I've been competing with a friend to take on the business of a new client. I had no idea that this "friend" would be going after the same client as me, even though it does make sense now that I look back on it. The contract is worth a few thousand dollars a month and it's in an industry that I know better than my friend. Was my friend obligated to inform me that we were going after the same client? This is an aspect of his business that he's new to, so maybe he didn't realize the potential for our conflict?-- Suspicious or Malicious?

Just how close of a friend are we talking about? If he were a passing acquaintance, perhaps he can be excused for not telling you about the potential competition. A more established relationship, however, would oblige full disclosure. You'd best set him straight now on how the industry works, before the friendship -- and your client roster -- collapses.

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