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Dear Karma Cleanser:
I recently went through a very embarrassing situation that could have cost me my job.

I sent an e-mail to a local sports talk personality concerning a subject he had brought up in a program earlier. We exchanged several e-mails, which were mostly argumentative. I had sent these e-mails from work. He sent an e-mail to my employer's corporate office stating that I was harassing him, which was a leap in logic to say the least. I called his company and complained and forwarded the e-mails to them. I got a short apology from their human resources director but I don't feel that is enough. This guy put my career in jeopardy over a silly argument. How can I get even with this person without suffering bad karma or putting myself at further risk?-- Sport (S)talker

Revenge is such a passe option. Plus, there's not much you can do at this point without further inflaming an already ridiculous situation. Take the Howard Stern route and strike back by investing in satellite radio.

Dear Karma Cleanser:
(In response to "Eating Me Up," the writer who had bad luck getting boyfriends home to meet the family.) Sorry, but you really blew it with your advice on this one. You have failed to recognize that "boyfriend" is the most overused word in the female lexicon. It's not that her "boyfriends" don't want to spend holidays with her -- it's that they aren't boyfriends in the first place.

Never was this misuse of terminology more clear to me than when I heard a girl I picked up in a bar after about three minutes, after a single date two weeks later, tell her friends that I was her "boyfriend."

Eating Me Up's "boyfriend" feels awkward spending a holiday with a girl he does not love, and putting on a charade. He also probably feels lousy that the holidays are here again and he doesn't have a real girlfriend that he likes back, and would rather spend time looking for one than go through a depressing day of realizing he doesn't have one.

When women once again allow themselves to date men that are genuinely interested in them, guys that bring them flowers and ask them out on Tuesday for the weekend rather than call drunk in the middle of the night, the misuse in terminology will dissipate. Until such time, women need to get used to spending holidays without the guys that just use them for sex, because in most cases today, that's all these "boyfriends" really are.-- Get It Right

Interesting argument, and you may be on to something about terminology. But who said that "Eating Me Up" was female?

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