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Will it come back to bite me?

Dear Karma Cleanser:

Every so often, my partner and I have a confession hour when we can tell each other anything bad we've done and not get in trouble for it. We did this early on in the relationship and it worked fine. This is no longer true today. During our most recent confession hour, I intentionally held back telling one or two things because I've learned what will and will not set my partner off, even though that's not supposed to happen. After a year together, though, I now think I know what can and can't be said. Is that so wrong?

—Telling, Not Smelling

The problem isn't in what you're not revealing, it's with your partner breaking the rules of "confession hour." Sounds like the precedent was supposed to be that anything revealed during that time wouldn't be held against you, but this obviously isn't the case now. Next time the opportunity arises, stop the conversation and revisit your fundamental agreements on the consequences of disclosure.

Dear Karma Cleanser:

I take mass transit to and from work each day. I recycle, and urge my friends and family to do the same. One friend remarked to me the other day that she realized now that I was right all along. Another person said I should have been doing more all this time. This offended me greatly. Is there a karma reward for saving Mother Earth?

—The World Is Enough

What's this, a greedy greeny? Don't get caught up in taking credit for your past actions, but keep plugging away at your overall initiative to save energy. That includes not wasting your own energy by listening to needlessly accusatory friends who just feel guilty for not following your advice sooner.

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