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Dear Karma Cleanser:

I live in a house with four roommates. Two of the housemates used to date, but they are both seeing other people now. We have a policy about food in the house that says you can eat anything that's in the kitchen so long as you replace it. This has worked out OK until one of the roommates started complaining that his food is being eaten and no one replaces it. So this person set up a hidden Web cam on top of the cabinets. He found out who was eating his food, but he also caught on video the other two roommates making out. And these are not the two who used to date! Now he wants to move out. I think he just got what he deserved. Am I right?

-- Four Bedroom, Wisteria Lane

First, aren't you at all freaked that some guy was secretly watching your every move? We're guessing he set up the cam partly because he suspected the goings on between his ex and the housemate. Second, you seem strangely unfazed by the revelations of the surveillance. Sounds to us like you should be seriously freaked that you live in a house that's turning out to be so shady.

Dear Karma Cleanser:

For almost a year, I've lived with my girlfriend. Things are good. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about my ex-girlfriend, wondering a lot about what might have happened if we had stayed together. My current girlfriend has no idea. I talk to the ex on the phone maybe once a month. We never see each other. Will thoughts about someone else on my part cause her to start to have similar thoughts about other guys? Should I tell her what's going on?

-- Eyes Wide Shut

Is there anything to gain by telling your girlfriend about your thoughts, other than clearing your own conscience? She's probably wondering why you seem so distracted lately -- which is enough to make her own attention drift toward other guys. Don't focus so much on whether it's the ex you want to be with. Figure out if you're just wasting time with your current girlfriend.

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