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Kim Criminal 

VJ saved the video star

VJ Kim Criminal has taken MTV's video star to the next level with VJing Wednesday nights at East Atlanta's Eastside Lounge. Her show, aptly titled Voyeur, includes videos from the late-and-great '80s and those from indie rock and Brit pop.

Worry not, her name does not come from doing time. Instead, Glenn (her real surname) merged her second job at Little Five Points' Criminal Records into her pseudonym. "Criminal is my in for my VJ job. It's another extension of my rock 'n' roll lifestyle."

Kim's humored philosophy for Voyeur involves the three Bs: "beer, boobies and beats."

Kim has become a savior of sorts for music video aficionados in light of the shift away from music videos on MTV, MTV2 and VH1. "I am MTV3! No subscription charge, all free!"

Think two jobs are tough to manage? Kim juggles a third job as a segment editor with CNN. "It's the bread and butter while the video and music stuff is the honey," Kim says. Between the triple threat of jobs, Kim satisfies her childhood dream of working in entertainment. "I guess I wasn't specific enough [as a kid]!"

To get to and from work, Kim hops on her new blue Yamaha scooter. "It's not a fancy-schmancy Italian scooter, but I don't care. I just like the sportiness, the fat tires, the sweet jumps -- actually, I haven't taken it on any sweet jumps yet."

Next time you see Kim, check out her kicks, certain to be a new pair in her ever-expanding sneaker collection. Whether they are leather, suede, canvas, or just some old Nikes, Kim carries a strong team and a steady rotation for all occasions. "Things stay new longer when you have lots of players on your team. You say, 'Get in there, canvas," and then canvas is in there, but then there's a rain delay and canvas has to sit it out."

Another perk of working in entertainment is meeting and hanging out with musicians. Kim is still holding out for an encounter with Prince. "That seems to be possible now. He seems to be chillin' and mellowing now with age, as it were."

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