Knowing you had one last day in Atlanta, what would you do? 

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Miles: Hang out at the fraternity houses over at the A.U. Center. Greatest parties, stars are always coming through. You never know who you might see. Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, show up all the time. It's a college atmosphere more so than a club or high school atmosphere, so it's more conscious, low-key. People are there to have fun and to blow off the steam of tests and financial aid. As long as the fire marshal don't show up or the police, it goes all night.

Marisa: First, everybody I despise, which is actually quite a few people, I would relish the time to tell them off. Then I'd take my friends out for one last celebratory drunken outing. But I don't know if I would have time for the outing, because 95 percent of the people here are morons. I would track these people down and tell them, "You suck." I'd be happy and could leave Atlanta with a clear conscience and not be burdened by the heaviness that is Atlanta.

Jason: I would get a big bag of something expensive and burn all of it, because that's about the best thing to do around here. There isn't, unless you have $2,000 to dump on something, a place to go out and have fun on your last day. This city is a collection of bunkers from which people move. It's like, how many places do I have where people I know own the property that I can chill out? You're asking an anti-social person, too.



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