Last supper 

What six Atlanta food figures would eat before they die

  • Amanda Greene

"My last Atlanta meal would be in this order: a starter of Andy McDaniel's (from Slope's BBQ) homemade pork rinds with the Spotted Trotter's rabbit liver with spicy mayhaw aspic and Southern Sweets Bakery's pimento cheese to dip them in. Then I'd have whatever the grumpy staff at Cafe Todahmgol will serve me, hopefully a gaeran jim. Then I'd have half a BLT with homegrown heirloom tomatoes, cold iceberg lettuce, Duke's Mayonnaise, and Pine Street Market's applewood smoked bacon with half a bahn mi from Quoc Huong. The main course would be a Ghetto Burger from Miss Ann's with a side of xiao long bao from Chef Liu and macaroni and cheese from Community Q. And for dessert, a chocolate sea salt pop from King of Pops and a bowl of pistachio ice cream from Morelli's.

Then I'd eat a Rolaids and go lay down by Avondale Lake — right now in early spring as the pear and cherry trees are blooming — and take a nap."

— Jim Stacy, Get Delicious!

  • Angie Mosier

"If I were readying myself for my last meal, I would want to make it last as long as possible and do an ATL drive and dine. I'd start with the feta snack at Miller Union, proceed to banh mi at Star Provisions, slide in for a slice at Antico Pizza, have a burger at Holman & Finch, head north for lobster at Bo Bo Garden, circle round to the pork soup at Cho Dang Tofu House — and hope for a call from the Governor before dessert because I'm not ready to go."

Virginia Willis, cookbook author, chef

  • Courtesy Jimmy Sobeck

"The Texas Trinity at Heirloom Market BBQ. It's Southern, but not exactly traditional — a wonderful transplant of multicultural meat treats. I always choose the Trinity for the variety. There are ribs (because we must have pork in the mix) and a beautiful Patak's beef sausage. But the brisket is nuts — tender, fat-rich, thick with smoke and spice. It's soulful, and simple, but difficult to do so well. As for the two included sides, I go with the gluttonous mac and cheese and kimchi slaw. The smell of smoke is on my hands until the next day."

— Jimmy Sobeck, Eat It, Atlanta

  • Tony Clark

"While my head is telling me I should say Bacchanalia or a super indulgent fancy spot for my last supper, I'd actually have my final meal at Gu's Bistro on Buford Highway. It's what I crave most — the perfect balance of spice, salt, and textures. I'd stuff myself with chili crab, cold noodles, kung pao lotus root, dry fried eggplant, and crispy fish with peanuts."

— Tami Hardeman, Running With Tweezers

  • Zack Ezzo

"Duane Nutter is one of my favorite chefs here in Atlanta and I don't get a chance to eat his food as often as I'd like as he's stationed at One Flew South at the airport. On a recent trip [to One Flew South], I enjoyed Duane's Dirty South, a nap-inducing open-face meatloaf sandwich on Texas toast, topped with sautéed spinach, pimento cheese, a fried egg, and garnished with house barbecue sauce and Benton's bacon. The dish was plated beautifully and I'll never think about meatloaf the same way again. My bartender, whiskey-loving Tiffanie Barriere, told me the sandwich made it onto the menu after a solid run as a bar-only special."

— Broderick Smylie, Savory Exposure

  • Robert Rausc

"I love properly cooked chicken. My last chicken run would include stops at my favorites: Jim N Nick's Bar-B-Q has amazing smoked hot chicken wings, Nashville-style hot chicken at Holeman & Finch on Monday nights, Cardamom Hill's Kerala-style fried chicken, chopped chicken livers at Bantam & Biddy, and, finally, the roast chicken at Floataway Café."

Angie Mosier, food writer, photographer, stylist, cook

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