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Letters to the editor 

Speaking out against corruption

Make it happen

I have always been the one to speak out against corruption and unfairness in the police department. I can't begin to tell you what I had to put up with in the zone that I used to work in. As a senior officer in the military I am very familiar with the chain of command and know how an organization should run. Playing favorites should not have any part in it.

I am determined to help fix our city and its departments so that it will work better for everyone.

Nearly no one knows I will be running for mayor of the city at this time except those that I have told personally. This endeavor had been on my agenda and out there for years, due to some of the problems that I have seen and heard from many of the people that I work with in this great city and even in the department that I love and work for.

Whenever someone decides to challenge management, it is almost a given that something will be done to silence them or make their lives uncomfortable. Since it is rather difficult to fire someone from a government job without sufficient and credible evidence the common practice around here is to transfer officers around and mess with their work schedules such as off days and shift assignments.

This has been one of the tactics that this administration uses and has gotten away with for years in order to make it uncomfortable for those that may oppose someone or some of the things that goes on within the administration that they feel is not right.

The department has and has had some of the best officers you can find. I have seen them come and go simply because of some of these very same issues and something needs to be done to correct it.

It is this unique leadership skill that I have, among others, that I feel so strongly about that I will use to will propel us into the next millennium.

I know becoming the next mayor of this city is a long shot and it is almost impossible to get in and break up the tight-knit group that has had control over the years. However, I believe if I work hard enough and good people listen and come on board it will happen. Our kids and our city deserve it.

I do not nor will I have the money to compete with my competitors. After all, I'm only a police officer that cares about our city and our kids determined to make a difference.

We must all stand together as a city. As a 20-year military vet of Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, what we always say in the Army is, "make it happen," and "make it happen" is what I will do, because failure is not an option.

Peter Brownlowe, Atlanta

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