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Rogue nations and the war on terror

The real rogue nation

THE BURNING BUSH, going around z'world giving inflammatory speeches against Putin, wondering why Putin should be upset just because the U.S. wants to set up operations in Czech and Poland, right on Russia's doorstep.

Bush smiles and laughs, while shrugging, that the missile-defense system is only to deal with threats from ROGUE NATIONS ... hmmm, I thought WE were the "rogue nation" and wisely Putin thinks so, too.

– Thomas Dutton, Atlanta

Keeping up with the war on terror

I'm glad Mr. Nouraee is still paying attention to the war on terror. He touches on an interesting fact in "What's the status of the Taliban spring offensive?" that seems to not have sunk in: For all of BushCo's rhetoric of how we're "safer" now, terrorism has been rapidly increasing since BushCo took us to Baghdad. According to the Center of Law and Security at the NYU School of Law, the number of yearly fatal jihad attacks has increased seven times since the invasion of Iraq, and the CIA, NIC, and other governments reported before the invasion that it would surely increase the numbers and efficiency of terrorists. If you don't demand Bush and Cheney's impeachment for: taking the U.S. into a war of aggression that has been – IS – based on LIES; all our soldiers and the innocent Iraqis; torture being encouraged and legalized; our Bill of Rights being torn apart in the name of security; and the Nazi-esque way BuchCo has portrayed the image of America to the rest of the world, can you NOW demand impeachment from Congress for BushCo's "war on terror" making us far less safe than ever via the new army of terrorists they've created?

– Misty Novitch, Dunwoody


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