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Appreciating the truth

Thank you for your continued coverage of the War on Terror (cover story, "A very special Don't Panic," Aug. 9). This has been a failed effort ever since Bush told his advisors to "look into Iraq" and its possible links to 9/11. We never finished the job in the one place we were justified in hitting, Afghanistan. Instead we spread to Iraq, issued empty threats to North Korea and showed Iran that they really hold the power in the region. Sweet. Amazingly, in 1994, Dick Cheney realized that going into Iraq would be a losing proposition (you can see it here). Too bad he forgot all the wisdom he seemed to possess back in 1994, but hypocrisy in this administration is about as shocking as beer in my fridge. Now we are stuck and it will continue to cost American lives and billions of American dollars trying to secure a country that wasn't a threat to us anyway. This is what you would call "taking it without the courtesy of a reach-around."

Until we get some real leadership in both the White House and Congress, nothing will change. Unfortunately, Americans would rather concern themselves with the next "American Idol" than be bothered with the "hassle" of educating themselves on candidates and making their voices heard. Maybe if we could ship Lindsey Lohan to Iraq people might finally start to care about what's happening over there.

– Jason McCarthy, Smyrna

I can't thank you enough for writing this week's article, "The War on Terror so far." I can't say that I could've done better myself (even though this stuff is literally my life). You wrote with the perfect blend of beating the point in, explanation, why we should be angry, and humor ... along with telling us readers off for not paying enough attention.

I thank you for this historical article, and I promise I'll always keep a copy of it, and remember it and you for the contribution made to the struggle.

Thanks so much for your courage and outrage at this injustice.

Misty Novitch, Decatur

I commend Mr. Nouraee for his article on "the War on Terror." Insightful, poignant and as always humorous, your ability to inform and needle an apathetic populous that has turned its attentions and efforts away from the most disastrous war in American history is appreciated. Keep the faith, or lack thereof ... your words are greatly needed in these insensible times.

– S. Lansing, Atlanta

Thought this was just an article about Atlanta's dance scene (cover story, "The party starter," Aug. 2), and being considerably out of their demographic, figured to just scan a couple of paragraphs and move on. However, I quickly learned that you were writing about this remarkable young man. You know, I've learned that no one is perfect and articles that only mention positive attributes are obviously leaving stuff out. I appreciated your pointing out flaws and failures along with his very impressive talents. The article ended sooner than I expected, however.

I like Creative Loafing specifically because its writers speak on subjects usually ignored by other media outlets. I like that they point out failures that many would like to see quietly ignored. As a conservative Republican I can even enjoy the admitted left-leaning in most articles. There is useful information in every viewpoint and I do not actually consider liberals to be a threat to the welfare of the nation – nor do I consider conservatives to be its salvation. I have learned that being a politician often comes close to equalizing the two viewpoints. There's universal room for incompetence in both viewpoints once elected. Thanks for your efforts.

Brady Born, Decatur


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