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Stereotyping and global warming


In regards to the article (Nightcrawler, "Bloc party: Moskow Diskow commandeers the Mark Ultralounge," Aug. 29), you have got to be kidding me. This is probably one of the most stereotype-driven articles I have read in a while. I was there that night and as far as bare midriffs, well you have the picture of the one. Of all the scenes and things you can write about, "Tight jeans show off thighs worthy of 14-year-olds"; although I appreciate the sarcastic tone and the detailed visual. It comes off hegemonically naïve by subscribing to the oversimplifications of the ethnic satire.

– Mary Smith, Atlanta


So-called "global warming" is a theory, mostly based on computer simulations. Tellingly, supporters of this theory focus on imposing government controls on U.S. industry while ignoring the increasingly huge amounts of pollution pumped out of communist China. The Kyoto treaty would limit U.S. industry while likewise giving China freedom to grow and pollute.

Your article, (Fallout, "Global warming still up in the air as far as Georgia is concerned," Aug. 29), gave space to the one supporter of "global warming" while failing to interview the three "deniers." You featured a big photograph of a supporter of the theory who bashes Georgia as suffering from "Alabamization." This is nothing but cheap name-calling.

Those too young to have been there, or with short memories, forget that 25 years ago "scientists," backed by the same internationalist foundations, were hyping the idea of "nuclear winter." This was the idea that massive pollution, such as would be caused by a nuclear exchange, would block sunlight and cause another "ice age." Then Mount St. Helens blew up, with the power of thousands of nuclear bombs, and when nothing happened to the climate the nuclear-winter theory was quietly shelved.

A better title for your article would have been, "Hyping 'global warming,' big media pushes to sell theory as fact."

– Jim McPherson, Roswell

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