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Secession, Buford Highway, Soulja Boy


Rader for president. The secession article (cover story, "Secession!," Oct. 11) captures well what seems to be a stranglehold on Atlanta by legislators who think Atlanta is the enemy. I enjoyed all the alternative views, but Jeff Rader, DeKalb County commissioner, is the person I would vote for to lead the Atlanta secession movement from the state of Georgia.

– Marilyn Wilson, Atlanta


"Three or four people are hit on the roadway every year" (Fallout, "An extreme makeover planned for Buford Highway," Oct. 11). This is the statistic that is cited to justify a multimillion-dollar extreme makeover. Give me a break, and please don't accuse me of not valuing immigrant life.

Let's look at the positives of Buford Highway as it currently exists. It's profitable for MARTA, immigrant communities have flourished and it is a great commuting corridor, to name a few. I think any initiative that doesn't acknowledge and try to preserve these attributes is going to have disastrous unintended consequences. Saving lives sounds like a smokescreen for lining pockets; they want to spend millions of dollars to save one life per year. When did the government become so magnanimous?

­– Marcel Gordon, Lithonia


Soulja Boy says he doesn't make music for adults, but rather fun music for kids, huh? (Vibes, "Soulja Boy: One-man army," Oct. 4)

Lines such as "I'm jocking on yo bitch ass/and if we get to fighting, then I'm cockin on yo bitch ass" are for fun for kids? Songs like "Pimp Slap Dat Hoe" is fun music for kids?

It is AMAZING to me how we can rationalize all kinds of idiocy and lunacy in music simply by saying that it's "only entertainment." Yet all of these rappers who are "only entertainers" love to stand up and brag about how they "keep it real." Which one is it?

As one who many mislabel a "hip-hop purist," I do tend to expect more from people who call themselves artists. Don't get me wrong, I love having fun. Back in my day, we had people like Bobby Jimmy and the Critters and the Rappin Duke who made nonsensical songs that one could listen to and understand the purpose. It was simple fun. They had their place and they knew it. They accepted it. But these people nowadays are clownin' and coonin' and think that just because they get a nice-sized check, that it's all good.

I'm not saying that everyone should turn into KRS-One overnight, but let's keep stuff in perspective here.

You have a 17-year-old child talking foolishness about shooting and pimping, claiming that it's only entertainment, while millions of other 17-year-old children listen and attempt to emulate.

I'm not saying that it's his job to educate and raise our children (that's what parents are for) but if kids will emulate what you're saying, perhaps you should attempt to say something else.

– Reginald Johnson, Atlanta


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