Lisa Moore 

Attorney, Georgia Lawyers for the Arts, 34

As executive director of a nonprofit legal-aid clinic, she has represented such bands as Deerhunter and Hope for Agoldensummer. Our readers also tell us this attorney's good looks get them a little hot under their white collars.

How'd you get so hot?

(Laughs.) It is rare that I'm at a loss for words. Maybe running around after kids keeps me young.

If you select "Shuffle" on your iPod, what's gonna come up?

Manchester Orchestra. A lot of local bands. Maybe the White Stripes.

Describe romantic.

Romantic means doing something thoughtful, that isn't clichéd or obvious. Romance really means an emotional and physical intimacy. You walking in with a dozen roses on Valentine's Day – that isn't romantic. I want flowers on a random Tuesday. That's romantic.

Liquor, beer, wine?

Hmmmm ... (Laughs.) liquor. Gin.

Why don't men read?

Oh, good men read. If a man doesn't read, he's not worth dating.

Hannah Montana – WTF?

From a talent standpoint, I don't get it. But I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing. It's another way to get young girls interested in music.

Sexiest part of the male anatomy?

Shoulders. I never noticed them until I met my husband, but he's got these great shoulders and back.

Clowns, funny or scary?

They can be both. That's a random question.

Tell us about your first kiss.

It was in Daytona Beach at the Ron Jon surf shop. I was in tennis camp and in eighth grade, and he was this surfer/tennis guy.

What's a secret talent of yours?

I have a photographic memory. In college when I'd take tests I could see my notes in my mind. Is that a talent?

What's your favorite curse word?

Definitely "fuck." Ask my staff, they'll tell you.

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