Loose lips and stiff nips 

Girl Talk at Lenny's, jumpin' like the Energizer Bunny at Jungle

This past week, the talk of the town or, at least, of the blabbering MySpace bulletin board, was mashup maestro Girl Talk at Lenny's on Fri., Aug. 11. Girl Talk, Pittsburgh's Greg Gillis, is to pop songs what Velcro is to vintage KangaROOS: all hooks and all about solid bounce. He's got more snippets than a circumcision marathon.

The evening's first stretch was disjointed -- people milling and sounds masticating. My drunken friend Tyler terrorized the crowd with wet willies. But around 12:30 a.m., Girl Talk -- dressed as a dandy -- dominated his laptop with a mule kick of enthusiasm, and the vibe immediately went from demure French disco to orgiastic Roman bath. Every hunch muscle went on hard, and the stage throbbed with bodies. Way beyond the hot electronica, this was elecSAUNAca! Shirts were shed like pounds as every hoodrat friend sweated bullets.

Before Girl Talk, freelance culture journalist Russ Marshalek shed tears of contrition for secretly coveting prog-trance Tori Amos remixes, while afterward he could only celebrate the sheen of other people's fluids. "I haven't been that sweaty since I accidentally had sex with some raver girl in leopard-print phat pants at an Oakenfold set in '99," Marshalek professed.

For those who desire more poptastic frenzy, Girl Talk will appear at the Decatur Social Club on Fri., Oct. 6. Lenny's Bean Summer, however, would like to say on record, "I booked him before [rival promoter] Preston [Craig], and I am proud." Now, now, girls. Talk nice.

Sat., Aug. 12, featured girl squawk. A friend we'll call the Energizer Bunny recently broke up with her boyfriend, so she's all about getting numbers and smoking numbers. A little drunk, a little high and looking to make her ex jealous, she forced my roommate to take her picture for MySpace for like an hour. How modern. Then we made a brief pass through Buckhead for the 60th anniversary block party of the Pool Hall on Irby Avenue. Including neighboring Five Paces Inn and Churchills, this narrow nexus of authentic dive bars is soaked in wound-down, hole-in-the-wall tradition -- friends, cheap beer and ashtray floors. Personable and recommended.

Returning to Midtown, we grabbed some "hot & now" Krispy Kremes, then followed the tonguing of glazed o-rings with meeting Bazzaar's Bill Kaelin and Jason Jupiter at Jungle, where Tracy Young, among others, commanded pumping pink jams. Jungle likes its choons like its men: unrelenting and large. It perfectly capped a weekend that left girls of all sorts talking.

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