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Where are they now?

Now that we've been doing the public-service project we call the Lust List for five years, we wanted to revisit a few previous Lust Listers to see how their lives were irrevocably altered by the experience ... or not. In any case, nearly all our alumni say people still recognize them from their moment of Lust List glory.

Anna, class of '03

click to enlarge Anna, See her '03 profile.

As a Lust Lister in the list's first year, Anna was 25 and toiling as a graphic artist for a national do-gooder charity organization that shall remain nameless.

How did Lust List affect her?

For starters, it nearly got her fired. "I got called on the carpet and told that my involvement with the Lust List wasn't the image that a non-profit group wanted to project," Anna remembers. "For a few days, it was a really big deal." After the fuss died down, Anna realized she didn't want to work in such an uptight environment, so she got a more fun job at the freewheeling Cartoon Network.

How has her life changed since then?

Last year, Anna moved to New York City to pursue an acting career. You may recognize her from occasional appearances as a coffee-shop waitress on Guiding Light. In retrospect, she muses, "I guess the Lust List was sort of a stepping stone to bigger things." All in a day's work for your friends at CL, Anna.

Matt, class of '03

click to enlarge Matt, See his  '03 profile.

When we met Matt, he was 23 and working as a department manger at the Barnes & Noble at the Mall of Georgia.

How did Lust List affect him?

"I got calls from some people I hadn't seen in a while, and I had a lot of friends who said they saw me in there," he says. But, otherwise, Matt contends that his inclusion in Lust List didn't have a big impact on his love life. Go figure.

How has his life changed since then?

Matt's still a manager at B&N, but he expects to earn a business marketing degree later this year at Georgia State University and launch a new career as a pharmaceutical rep. Also, he's now engaged, no thanks to us.

Gavin, class of '04

click to enlarge Gavin, See his '04 profile.

Dreadlocked Gavin was 26 and working as a clerk at Anthropologie at Lenox Square.

How did Lust List affect him?

Mostly as a source of workplace embarrassment. "I'd only told one person that I was going to be in the paper, but she told everyone else, so when I got to work that morning, my coworkers had stuck my picture all over the store and were wearing my photo around their necks," he recalls. Other than that, he says, "I think I got a couple of dates out of it and had a good time." We think we know what you mean.

How has his life changed since then?

Gavin can now be found behind the coffee bar at Octane on the Westside, but he plans to open a design studio with a couple of business partners.

David, class of '04

click to enlarge David, See his '04 profile.

When we discovered David, he was a 21-year-old video-store clerk.

How did Lust List affect him?

David is a bit coy in describing the incredible boost that Lust List gave to his, um, social life. "There was a difference immediately," he says. "It definitely helped me get some dates." Even his friends saw the newly christened lady-killer in a new light. "Some of my buddies stopped asking me to hang out with them and their girlfriends," he says, laughing. But what really stunned David was his mother's reaction. "Apparently, my mom will always be proud of me for that. She still talks about it," he says.

How has his life changed since then?

Currently, David is a full-time musician, having released a well-reviewed CD under the name thesoulraydio. He now performs as Magic Apron and has a gig scheduled Feb. 24 at Aurora Coffee in Virginia-Highland. Prospective groupies take note.

Clarissa, class of '05

click to enlarge Clarissa See her '05 profile.

Lovely Clarissa was all of 22 and serving espresso at the San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co. in Poncey-Highland. Her main goal for that year was to learn to drive!

How did Lust List affect her?

"I definitely got my share of weirdos who came up and said they felt like they knew me because of the answers I gave in my Lust List interview. It was funny and creepy at the same time," she says.

How has her life changed since then?

Well, she learned to drive. As a primary education major at GSU, Clarissa was forced to get behind the wheel for an internship. "I'm an excellent driver now, although I already have road rage," she admits. Next year, she hopes to start her classroom career -- yet more evidence why Van Halen will always continue to collect royalties for "Hot for Teacher."

Kenyon, class of '05

click to enlarge Kenyon See his '05 profile.

Kenyon, a 31-year-old bartender at the Local on Ponce, gave some self-consciously silly answers during his interview, even admitting to having seen the film The Brown Bunny.

How did Lust List affect him?

The silly answers didn't negatively affect his pull with the ladies, but he did receive some unwanted attention. "For about a month, I had some desperate housewives coming in wanting, um, something," he says. "We usually don't have fortysomething women sitting alone at the bar." All in all, though, Lust List was a good experience. "I didn't take it all that seriously; I just had fun with it," Kenyon says.

How has his life changed since then?

Not a great deal. He's still a bartender. Still at the Local. Says Kenyon: "Everything is basically the same."

Robin, class of '06

click to enlarge Robin, See her '06 profile.

Robin was 30 and a stylist at Grow salon in Decatur.

How did Lust List affect her?

Fortunately not adversely. "I didn't have any weirdos come into the salon, which was good," she says. That's because weirdos don't read Creative Loafing, right? Anyway, Robin says that, for a while, she was teased by her friends and recognized by strangers, but her exposure didn't lead to any dates.

How has her life changed since then?

It's only been a year, so not much. She still works at Grow. No kids yet. Travels a lot. Life is good.

Ariel, class of '06

click to enlarge Ariel, See her '06 profile.

When last we saw Ariel, she was a 22-year-old receptionist at Salon Three-13 in Marietta.

How did Lust List affect her?

Not too much. Salon clients complimented her and people spotted her pink shag on the street. Then there was the strange guy who wrote her saying he wanted a pen pal because he was going away for a long time. To Tibet? To prison? She never wrote back to find out.

How has her life changed since then?

Again, only a year later, Ariel is still at the salon, although she has since moved to Atlanta with her boyfriend.

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Where are they now?
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