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Ken Edelstein: I've lived in Atlanta for 10 years now. I love this city and feel lucky that I have had the freedom to move, to work and earn a living here ... or anywhere in our great country.

I have always looked forward to your paper every Wednesday. I can let a lot slide understanding the type of paper you publish and the demo you attract. Unfortunately, I've recognized over the past years that your slant toward PC and liberalism has become too much for me to accept anymore.

For me and a number of close friends and associates, the straw that broke the camel's back was the article written by Andisheh Nouraee badmouthing and misrepresenting the true reason for the Rally for America March 15 (Scene & Herd, "Pardon my French," March 19). I was also disappointed by the article by John Sugg (Fishwrapper, "God won't be on our side," March 19). I enjoyed yours and there was plenty to agree with, however, your slant is obvious (News & Views, "How to lose a war," March 19); I find this all disturbing.

I believe in freedom of speech and all that's stated in our Constitution, but too many people that are lucky they can speak freely, and the media are taking this all too far and covering the "anti and/or against" position to an extreme. There is a small minority receiving the majority of publicity. Your paper, no matter what demo you cater to should be spreading confidence to the families of our brave men and women protecting your freedom to do what you do. We should be better Americans and should be behind our troops and support them along with our president at this time more than ever.

You have lost me, and a good number of readers from this past issue ("Mum's the word," March 19).

Thank you for your time and God bless our FREE America.

-- Kevin Holloway, Marietta

John Sugg: I just read your article titled "God won't be on our side" (Fishwrapper, March 19). It's refreshing to FINALLY read some intelligent journalism. Keep your voice heard!

-- Brooke Johnston, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

(In response to Fishwrapper, "God won't be on our side," March 19): Now that you've seen the Iraqis lie to the world on television, saying that we didn't have control of the port city of Umm Qasr (which we've seen video that we do), now that you've seen little loss as to "when Americans start coming home in body bags," now that you've seen the Iraqi people thankful and shaking hands with American soldiers, will you print an appropriate follow-up to this story of yours -- oops, guess I was wrong?

And when or if weapons of mass destruction are recovered in Iraq, will you still maintain that "Saddam Hussein, loathsome as he is, poses no threat to America"?

You are among the same crowd that, had the president not waged war on all terrorists, Saddam included, and America was again attacked, you'd be criticizing the fact that he wasn't more aggressive.

Pull your pants up son, your ignorance is showing.

-- Lyne Perdue, Acworth

(In response to Fishwrapper, "God won't be on our side," March 19): God bless you John! I agree with you completely. I wish there were more people like you here in Minnesota. Right now, I am guessing about 75 percent of the people who I work with are pro-Bush, pro-war. It makes me sick, I dread coming into work and listening to all the propaganda that they continue to throw around, much of it coming from the White House and the mainstream media. Keep up the good fight. We must not give in to those who wish to see an American empire rule the earth.

-- Brian Burmeister, Jeffers, Minn.

Whether or not God is on America's side, the U.N. has nothing to do with it outside of any contracts or oaths that America has foolishly sworn that are binding on the country (Fishwrapper, "God won't be on our side," March 19). The concept of international law is predicated on the notion of international centralism or international socialism and, therefore, it is inherently antithetical to any competent notion of orthodox Christianity. The only "international law" that has any relevance to Christianity is God's law in that it is binding on all people, but the Bible doesn't provide us with an international centralist model for adjudicating any of it.

-- Tim Bloedow, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

In reference to your anti-American hatchet piece ... ("Mum's the word," March 19):

"Big dailies like the AJC and TV networks like CNN should inform citizens rather than pander to them; they should challenge authorities rather than act as bullhorns for the White House. That, at least, is what our Founding Fathers intended."


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