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I am not an American citizen, but I am a concerned member of the human race who does not want to see the earth plundered, divided and destroyed by people such as George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Please keep the heat on these people and hopefully more Americans will discover news sources that report the truth, and not the lies and deception propagated from the desks of CNN.

-- David St-Maurice, Toronto

As an anti-war protester, I wholeheartedly support our brave men and women who volunteer to serve in the military. They enlist agreeing to defend the country from attack. However, I do not support the current administration's decision to place these honorable youths in harm's way in order to attack another country first and without provocation (apparently to increase our country's military power and establish control over oil and water resources in Southwest Asia).

If this war were truly about protecting America from external threats, rooting out potential ties to al-Qaeda, liberating an oppressed people from a dictatorial regime, or enforcing U.N. sanctions, we would more likely be at war with North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China or Israel. We have bigger threats to Americans' well-being here at home (lack of health care and the shaky economy, for instance) than Saddam Hussein.

Not only are our troops in danger abroad, but as citizens, we are also now more vulnerable than ever to terrorist threats. This is due in part to our reckless foreign policy, which is based on imperialism and corporate greed. Therefore, it is not only my right, but indeed my duty, to continue to speak out against these injustices at every opportunity.

--Tony Hammock, Atlanta

John Sugg: I just read your article "No Monopoly on Patriotism" (Fishwrapper, March 26) and loved it. I am a 23-year-old liberal female that works in a predominantly conservative-male environment. I am anti-war (but NOT anti-American) and I am so tired of people being put into only two camps when it comes to this issue. You're either pro-Bush and think that this war is what we need to be doing and that it's just so great, or you're anti-war which also means you're anti-American and against the troops.

Creative Loafing is one of the few places I find comfort in knowing that I am not alone in my opinion.

At this point, I find Bush more of a threat to our nation than Saddam Hussein. It scares me more and more each day the number of the people I talk to that are brainwashed into his way of thinking. Hopefully this will all be over soon ... in the meantime, I'll have to keep reading your columns.

-- D'Arcy Astridge, Charlotte, N.C.


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