Mud, God, and love 

A 21-year-old woman lives with her baby's daddy in Adamsville. Since the baby was on a trip with Grandma, the woman decided she needed a girls night. She went to spend the night at a nearby girlfriend's apartment because she wanted to get away from her baby's daddy. Hours later, she said, her child's father marched into her friend's apartment and "demanded that she go to church with him," according to police report. The woman refused to go to church, so he allegedly pushed her onto the bed, snatched her purse, and tried to leave the apartment. The woman said she grabbed her purse and "held on to it and we had a tug of war that ended in the mud" in front of the apartment. Both of them were mud-caked. The woman said her boyfriend pushed her again and drove off with her purse and cell phone. But before police arrived, he sheepishly returned and dropped off her phone and wallet at the door.

The allure of a young, sexy bad boy

In the Lindbergh area, a 44-year-old man allowed a much younger friend (noted in the police report as "a gentlemen whom he dated in the past") to stay for a few days at his apartment. One morning, the man went to work, leaving his ex-lover, 23, and his roommate in the apartment. When the man returned, his ex-lover was gone — along with $515 cash. The man said he called his ex-lover several times — no answer. He suspects his ex-lover also swiped other items from apartment, including two crystal figurines, a Tiffany's ring (worth $2,300), a Canon camera, two Burberry shirts (worth $500 each), and his black Combat handgun ($3,000).

Apparently, the 44-year-old man is well aware of his ex-lover's history of run-ins with the law. He told police that he posted bond and bailed his ex-lover out of Cobb County Jail shortly before allowing the ex-lover to stay at his apartment. (The ex-lover was jailed on a failure to appear charge.) The 44-year-old promptly revoked the bond.

Last call brawl

At a local gay bar, a 25-year-old Ohio man was hanging out with his Atlanta friends. "Last call," the bartender hollered. The Ohio man asked his friends to move away from the bar so other patrons could get their final drinks. As his friends moved aside, a strange guy slammed into the Ohio man's friend. Outraged, the Ohio man said, "Hey man, what was that for?" The suspect allegedly turned around and slammed a glass beer bottle onto the Ohio man's head, leaving "blood running down his face" from a visible cut, the reporting officer wrote.

After the beer bottle smash, the bleeding Ohio man and his friends tried to get away from the suspect and leave the bar. The suspect is described as 5-foot-10-inches, 170 pounds with blonde dreadlocks. Cops searched for the suspect with no luck.

Know when to shut up

At Lenox Square mall, a man walked into the Apple store and allegedly stuffed two iPad Airs into his bag. Security guards stopped him as he tried to leave the store. Guards searched the suspect and found three more Apple items allegedly stolen earlier the same day from the Apple store in Alpharetta. At the police precinct, the suspect said he needed to use the bathroom. After the suspect relieved himself, "I instructed him not to flush the toilet and to wash his hands," the officer wrote. While washing his hands, the suspect made a break for it. "He ran out of the bathroom, out the front door, and into the parking lot" where cops detained him again. The suspect said, "You want to know my name? It's Suck My Dick." Apparently, Mr. Dick outlined his plans to police: "He also stated that if given the chance again, he would run, and if he is given bond, he will not be back, stating that he now lives in California and will be gone before anyone knows it." Of course, now that plan is a no-go. He went to jail.

Long day's journey into night

Cops received a call about a 26-year-old man reportedly passed out in a Chevy Tahoe in the middle of Means Street. "The driver was resting his head against the window when I knocked on it to get his attention," an officer noted. "The driver told [police] he was trying to find a place to lie down." The officer continued, "I asked where he was coming from and he said he was coming from the California state line. I was surprised by his response as people don't normally come from state lines and the great distance between California and Georgia would normally not correlate with him coming from there right now ... I asked him where he was coming from right now and he said, 'Cabo ... Cabo, America" then corrected himself and said 'Cabo, San Lucas.' He said he docked there this afternoon as if on a cruise." The man went to jail on a DUI charge.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.


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