Age: 21
Status: Available

We found Nat ourselves. He was just doing his job -- valet parking a car. His hotness made us twitch, so we added him to our list.

How long have you been hot?
Ever since I can remember.

What makes someone sexy?
Someone who can go out, play hard, get dirty, and then dress up at night and go out. That and long blond hair.

What turns you off?
Smoking and cussing.

Where did you meet your last mate?
At a church out in Colorado.

Do you have a motto?
No, but that would be a good thing to get.

Old Testament or New?
New. I like John, Peter, Paul and Mary. Oh, and Jesus.

Camping in the mountains or sitting on the beach?
I worked out in Colorado for a while, so definitely camping in the mountains. I'm going camping in the mountains this weekend, actually.

What's the strangest dream you can remember?
Getting chased by a monster and having to throw PB&J sandwiches at it to make it leave. It worked. I'm alive today.

What's the last book you read?
Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. It's great.

What's your strangest habit?
Singing in the car without any music playing.

What are your fears?
Running out of stuff to talk about. And getting shot as a valet.

Which reality contest show do you think you could win?
"Survivor." I like to stab people in the back.

Who is the greatest living American?
Bush! Did that just get me deleted from the Lust List?

When you drive to work, what do you listen to?
Other than my own singing, Sean Hannity. If I'm listening to music, though, Ben Harper.

If you had a cologne, what would it be called?
L'Eau de Nat.

Can't we all just along?
Oh yeah.

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