Naughty, naughty professor 

Below is an excerpted letter sent in September to University of Georgia President Michael Adams from David Horowitz, a Los Angeles-based conservative activist and editor of It was written in response to a UGA student's complaint about history Professor John Morrow, who, during his World Wars class, criticized President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for avoiding service in Vietnam.

"I want to bring to your attention an outrageous situation at your school which raises the issue of professional behavior of faculty and specifically the abuse of the classroom for partisan agendas. ... On the first day of class this semester, Professor Morrow ... described President Bush and Vice President Cheney ... as 'chicken hawks' and cowards (referring to them in fact as 'chicken shit') and 'liars.' ...

A student, Bradley Alexander, challenged the professor's partisan remarks and his profanity. The student's objections were peremptorily dismissed. As a result of these exchanges, Alexander dropped the course fearful of possible consequences to his grades and unwilling to subject himself to such irrelevant partisan tirades for an entire term. ...

Bradley Alexander is under attack from this professor in public forums. ... He is concerned that his academic career at the University of Georgia, where he is a history major, may be in jeopardy. We urge you to take action in this case to have Professor Morrow apologize to Bradley Alexander and the students in his class. We further urge you to issue a statement that it is university policy that partisan political agendas have no place in an academic classroom and that professors should show respect for intellectual, political and religious diversity and should not introduce into their teaching controversial matters which have no relation to their subjects."

Adams' secretary told CL that Adams is aware of the letter and has no further comment. Morrow has responded to the letter by stating that "in regard to the use of the epithet 'chicken shit,' I stand by it."


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