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'Homewreckers,' 'Prime time'


C'mon CL!

What a fantastic article. The only problem I see is the timing. How can Creative Loafing allow such an important subject to fly under the radar during the holiday season? More people must know about abusive creditors and Ms. Abkowitz does a tremendous job teaching us about their manipulative ways. I demand a reprint!

-- Harris

Mortgage Servicing Fraud

Homeowners are right here. Ask us questions. We KNOW what is happening to us. Please post your questions to our Open Forum.

-- Ann Holden

Serviced To No End

The article was written well, but it leaves out the most important details. MORTGAGE SERVICING and the effects of the fraud that the MORTGAGE SERVICING COMPANIES ARE COMMITTING. Hence the name "MORTGAGE SERVICING FRAUD." The industry is corrupt, and creates illegal defaults to intentionally foreclose on homeowners. Absolutely, this process is illegal, however the justice system and its many lined pockets, allow for this type of illegal activity, to continue. For information as to WHY there are so many foreclosures, come to at the Forum. MONEY ILLICITLY, ILLEGALLY COLLECTED BY THE MORT. SERVICER. Then of course, FORECLOSURE. Learn more,

-- Kathy


The vast majority of homes in foreclosure are not "deals" -- the banks lose huge amounts of money on them due to fraud and so forth. For every case you cite, there are 50 where the bank gets less than they lent, by the time all is said and done. But you shed no tears for them -- even though the easy foreclosure in GA is exactly WHY it's so easy to get a loan here. People get opportunities here that they just will not get in other states. Many are not ready for the responsibilities of home ownership. But some are -- and prosper, given a second chance in Georgia. Doubt you'll be telling that little story though.

-- Max Inverness

Prime time

De-centralizing the Debauchery

I think it's a good thing that the central location of 'the party' in Atlanta has been broken up, and now there are different areas in the city people go for the nightlife scene. I was a young man back in the late '80s-early '90s who went to the bars in Buckhead because that was the only game in town, but it was a pretty crappy scene with all the traffic.

-- Darin

Less Driving is better

I agree we should have options, but there is nothing wrong with having an area where people can check out different places without having to drive. Isn't that safer than people drinking and driving? Isn't that what's great about places like the Highlands? Being able to eat dinner and have a few drinks without driving is awesome.

-- James

The "Hip-Hop" Crowd

Let's be honest. It's because the "hip-hop" crowed (aka black people) start going to hang out in Buckhead. Then they were too close to the rich white people (like the gov.) at night. It scared them. Then there was that huge media scare about all the crime in Buckhead. Then they put in 24-hour video monitoring on the streets. Then they rolled back the closing time for bars. It was to move the black folks downtown to Underground...but that didn't work. And guess what crackers? Black folks will still be in Buckhead after it is the new Rodeo...We're rich bitch!

-- Vince

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